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What to Buy in April

What’s on sale in April? If you’re looking to maximize dollars and round out your closet over time, then you’ll be shopping for resort wear that hit stores in December/January and is now at a discount. First of season lightweight items like sweaters, dresses, and cover-ups are taking price cuts. You can also find spring-y colored bags and beach totes.

Some to ponder:

Joie Issie Pullover $129, was $258.

Anthropologie Maxi Dress $49, was $168.

Alice + Olivia dress $198, was $396.

See by Chloe tote $476, was $598.

Anthropologie maxi dress $69, was $128.

Your favorite retailer is moving out early spring merchandise in favor of summer. You can still wear everything now and save some money.

Tomorrow I’m kicking off a new series that will feature a personal style challenge called Nothing New. While you may be scooping up April deals, I’ll be confined to what’s already in my closet for the next month. Check in tomorrow to see what the day brings.

x Laura

P.S. my daughter saves the tags from my teabags that have quotes on them. She has a whole collection of them in her room. Today’s teabag wisdom comes from Yogi Throat Coat tea:

Share your strengths, not your weaknesses.

The Glory: Alexander McQueen Applique Knucklebox

Alexander McQueen Flower Knucklebox evening clutch

Alexander McQueen Floral Knucklebox, $2455

Part ornament, part weapon, this Alexander McQueen box clutch is sure to create a stir when carried. The floral applique speaks to the embroidery trend we’re seeing this fall, but truly, this is the kind of bag you’d hold onto forever. Decorated with McQueen’s trademark skull, which is bejeweled with a red stone crown, and two golden unicorns, slip it onto your hand and marvel at your ‘rings’ for the night. And then never let it out of your sight.

Have an decadent day!

x Laura

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Made the Trees Rustle

Made the Trees Rustle

It’s not this cold yet (thankfully), but as the leaves shake and drift from the trees, we know that it’s coming. Inspired by winter trees, this frosty vignette features many ‘Just Arrived’ pieces with opposites-attract style pairings.

  • Minimalist black & white top + ornate Bohemian accessories
  • Country cozy knit sweater + Ladylike structured handbag
  • Rocker print top + DIY-esque colorful scarf (with coordinated nails)

Which one do you gravitate toward?

For shoppers: The tri-colored structured handbag is only $98 and is looking significantly more expensive than that, don’t you think? Most items are less than $400 and click-able if you’re looking for more info.

x Laura

Violet Femmes

Violaine Bernard

Violaine Bernard (photo: Vanessa Jackman)

Among the color trends popping up for fall, you’ll find beautiful shades of purple, ranging from plum to amethyst. In this shot of Violaine Bernard (fashion director for Velour Magazine), she tops her pretty violet pants with a light camel vest. It’s a wonderful concept for office wear (I would throw a cami on underneath, but you know, I’m not French). It looks polished and modern, with a kick of personality.

Swiss designer Akris showed this amazing deep amethyst coat for F/W 2012 and it is just gorgeous. This color really shines next to black.

Akris, F/W 2012 via

Put some purple on yourself with these pretty options. Play with just a touch in an accessory, more with a top or pant, or a bigger statement with a lush coat.

[Click any item for retail info]

If you’re not a purple-loving gal, don’t worry. There are other rich colors that will be big this fall too.
More to come!
x Laura


Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle, Madelene de la Motte

This look pretty much sums up how I’d like to go through life. Effortless. Chic. Bit of Pizzazz. Model-Tall. This neutral combo with a healthy punch of green is picture perfect in my book.

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Bag (, $370)
  2. ASOS Leather Saddle Bag (, $53)
  3. Anthropologie Bold Strokes Satchel (, $198)

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!