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Tell Me About it, Stud

Here’s a word I’m trying to drop from my blog posts — perfect. As in, this dress would be perfect for a barbeque or these shoes would be perfect for work. There are sooooo many options for what to wear and it all really comes down to what you want to wear, your mood that day, if you are PMSing and feel two sizes bigger, and how far you’re going to be walking. I’m chucking the notion of perfect anything from my blog. Let’s be imperfect, off-beat, quirky, mussed and downright askew.

So Studly

Maybe it’s a backlash to all the statement pieces of jewelry that are popular right now, but I’m putting the spotlight on studs. Such a crazy rabble-rouser, aren’t I? A pop of color that doesn’t weigh down your ear. A simple spark of light that brings attention to your face. An inky black speck for your bad-girl moods. A powerful statement for a big-deal meeting. An unfussy choice for casual days. And…it might be a good Mother’s Day present too.

Options, options

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Pipe Dreams’, $68
  2. House of Harlow 1960 ‘Star’, $55
  3. Dara Ettinger ‘Felicia’ stud, $86
  4. Anthropologie ‘Sprout’ posts, $28
  5. Anthropologie ‘Dalton’ posts, $28

More to see (click any picture):

Does anyone else remember this classic clip from the movie Grease? How fun was that scene?!

If you caught my geeky reference from this scene in the title of today’s post, 10 points for you! Nothing like a bit of ’80s pop culture to keep us alive and kicking (ha, another geeky 80′s song reference). OK, somebody stop me now.


Baroque, Rich and Big

Christian Dior Couture 2009, photo: Style.com

Velvet capes swoosh through back alleys. Stately rings are proffered for a kiss. Lords showcase livery collars and ladies drop golden pendants into their bosom. Bodices heave and swords strike. King Henry VIII is mercurial in politics and passion, as his second wife Queen Anne has just departed with her head. Thus ends the second season of Showtime’s historical drama, The Tudors (2007-2010, but still available via Netflix).

The Tudor and Baroque era costuming and accessories for the series are dazzling. Lucky for us, Baroque styling (beginning around 1600) never really went out of fashion, because the design elements are timeless: swirling gold details, pearls, velvet, rich color, brocade, lace and heavy ornamentation. It’s easy to fall for the lushness of it all. Look at how many bold-name designers have recently shown collections with baroque richness:

Going Big with Accessories

Want to try your hand at the look? Get in a courtly way with some royally big rings and necklaces for yourself. Just yesterday, I came across a picture of Mary-Kate Olsen with an enormous green and gold ring worn on her index finger. She rocked it, of course, as she usually does.

This is a go big or go bigger kind of look. I think it’s worth a try, especially with all the festive parties and events coming in the next couple of months.

Piles of Bold

Michael Kors Fall 2011 (photo: Style.com)

Whatever is influencing the latest influx of bold, silver jewelry, let’s just be happy for it. Possibly it’s the power-house impact of the Michael Kors’ Fall 2011 runway collection (shown last spring). Maybe it’s the failed return of our favorite feminine superhero, Wonder Woman to TV that has given rise to dual arm cuffs on mere mortal women. Or maybe it’s that gold prices are at a mind-blowing, all-time high price per ounce. It probably doesn’t matter what brings these beautiful, silver, statement pieces our way — just stay tuned for gorgeous, bold, gleaming pieces that are going to be exquisite with what you’re wearing this fall.

My favorites are decidedly architectural in design and carry a certain amount of heft, which translates edginess, power and sensuality to the wearer. That sounds like a lot for jewelry to do, but wowza, check out these two beauties below. Now picture Emma Stone and Margherita Missoni in delicate, dangling jewelry…still good, but not-so-kick-ass.

Emma Stone (photo: Getty Images via MTV)

Margherita Missoni (Photo: Kevin Tachman via Vogue.com)

The Goods

There are piles and piles of bold jewelry out there, but these stand above the rest and come in all different price points. [click any picture for more info]


Evil lurks everywhere, right? It’s probably a good idea to be armed* and on some days, even double-cuffed. Could be useful.


*not literally…geez.

What You Want: Fall 2011

DVF F/W11 (photo: Style.com)

The September issues and fall fashion Lookbooks have rolled out. Are you devouring them? I’m particularly excited about the rich hues of wine, berry, burgundy, ruby and deep plum, but also see ochre, golds, teal and rich green. Prints abound and at times, take on a life of their own as mixing shifts into high gear. Hemlines have fallen (just like our stocks), with midi and maxi lengths ruling the runway. Sportswear gets a pop of color as bright accents keep things lively. Coats get updated this season in standouts silhouettes such as capes and voluminous 60′s toppers, and other designs with punches of color.

Jewelry, Handbag & Shoe Outlook

Jewelry has continued its chunky direction, with thick cuffed bracelets, architectural silver pieces, and ornate chokers. Handbags have been over-hauled from heavily decorated to streamlined and structured. You’ll see more and more handbags with dual carrying options, both top handle and shoulder straps. Of course, crossbody bags continue to be widely available as women love the freedom of having two hands during morning commutes, traveling, shopping, and mingling. Many pumps have lost their thick, platform under-footing, in favor of thin soles. New for the season are loafer pumps, cut-out booties, color-blocked designs, ankle straps and luxurious-looking slip-ons.

Carry-overs from Spring

Printed pants are a trend that seem to be continuing from Spring 2011, as is the collegiate 70′s look, complete with wide-brimmed hat. You’ll also find a strong showing of shearling coats, boho fur vests, parkas and military designs that still look fresh. Orange is a color that won’t be stopped and I’m happy to see it stay on for autumn weather. Any of these items purchased last season will holdover nicely and serve you well through the new Fall/Winter season.

Trends In A Nutshell

  • Bright Colors & Color-blocking
  • Coats: Brights, Parkas, Capes, 60′s Volume and Fuzzed-out Furs
  • Mash-up Prints – Mixing prints with abandon
  • Polka Dots
  • Vintage Cuts: 40′s, 60′s, 70′s
  • Native Graphics – Western and Tribal elements
  • Evening wear: Elegant Tuxedo
  • Shoes: Loafer Pumps, Pointy-toe flats, Edgy Booties, Non-Platform Pumps
  • Handbags: 70′s Classics, Squared/Structured, Leopard & Snake, Mini-crossbody bags & pouchettes, Textured (Lace, Woven, Fabric)
  • Jewelry: Chunky Cuffs, Chokers, Architectural Silver

How To Update

Women are looking for their fashion dollar to really stretch this fall and won’t be spending their hard-earned paychecks on items that won’t go the distance. Here are some ideas for updating/raiding your closet for trend-worthy items that keep it current:

  • Grab a blouse, dress or jacket in any Burgundy, Wine, Plum or Berry hue.
  • Sling a Leopard Crossbody bag over your outfit.
  • Add a Lace pump to your evening wear.
  • Wear an updated Midi or Maxi skirt that flatters your proportions; try one with a slit.
  • Pick out a Colorblock or Printed Day Dress for work.
  • Update your jewelry. A standout piece or two is all you need.
  • Ready for drama? Go for it with a Cape.
  • Update your Classic coat look in a bright color or one with leather trim.
  • Wear a Loafer Pumps by day and switch for an Ankle-Strap heel for night.
  • Add a squared-off Structured Handbag or a Mini-Pouchette to your rotation.

I’m just starting to make my own Fall Shopping list for clothes, which will include pants, a go-to dress, colorful tops, day bag and some new arm candy (like a strong cuff). What are you shopping for?

All photos via Style.com

My Mantra is Loose

Fancy Tree House via chictopia.com

My mantra is loose and I don’t mean it got lost and is running around without me. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution this year, I decided to create a mantra instead (does that sound as woo-woo as I think it does?) Something I could say to myself in times of strife, confusion or fatigue that would help keep me on track. On creative days, it could inspire me to set goals, find a new method to a tried-and-true pattern, and open up my mind. A simple concept that I could reach for over and over again all year. I chose the notion of loose/loosening and think it will be good for my mind, body, parenting style, travel experiences and relationships. I’m still working  into it, but I’m hopeful that it will seep into all areas of my life.

Paxie Aziza via chictopia.com

As a part of this mantra, I’m taking this looseness to my closet too, working in things that are swingy, slouchy, slack and light. Looseness may not be your catchword, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to work this into your wardrobe as well. Spring 2011 fashion options are starting to hit local stores and online retailers now and there are delicious, airy items that translate this feeling of ease. Some of the designs that translate this relaxed state are: open-weave sweaters, flowing long skirts, slouchy tops, haute sweatshirts and drapey light cardigans. There’s even a return to wider leg pants this spring, with flares and pajama pants making their way onto the scene.

Check out these wonderfully languid tops that impart a cool casualness to an outfit. Wear them now with layers, take one on vacation to cover up a swimsuit and then reach for them again and again all spring.

Where to find it: Boulder

Swing through Violette and its sister store just across the street, Lilli on the East end of Pearl St. Mall. You’ll find a treasure trove of airy options here: openwork sweaters with asymmetrical hems, lightweight cardigans in soft draped fabric and whisper-soft tops with embroidery in very wallet-friendy prices. Be sure to check out Lilli’s charming chandelier earring collection priced at just $10.



1631 Pearl St.

Boulder, CO



1646 Pearl St.

Boulder, CO

720 -524-8013

Does anyone else have a mantra, catchword or resolution that they’ve been working on?