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Nothing New – Day 25

Print Top + Skirt

Print Top + Skirt

Wearing: Eddie Bauer printed top / Arden B. skirt w/ ruffle hem (so old) / Cole Haan black kitten heel sandals / World Market silver necklace w/ rhinestones / beaded bracelet (gift) / Anna Beck earrings (similar).

Going into the home stretch of this Nothing New project, I have a few skirts and dresses left to outfit, so that’s what’s on tap for the next few days. People might be surprised that there are quality tops to be found at Eddie Bauer. I used to think of them as mostly a travel clothing / gear store, but they have a lot of good staples too. They use 100% cotton (harder to find these days) that is super soft, washes up very well and lasts. They cut to flatter by covering up bra straps, that awkward skin between my bra and armpit, and have a long enough shirttail to tuck or leave out. Every summer I update a few of my seasonal basics from this store.

Where do you shop for your summer staples?

x Laura

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What to Buy in March

Are you great at sales or do you like to buy the newest items in the stores? Deal hunters and fashion insiders know when to stock up on specific items to get the most bang for their buck and when to wait on things. There’s a rhythm to the retail machine and knowing what to buy when, can save you big bucks.

March madness: Fragrance

If you have a signature scent or a few favorites, this is the time to look for gift sets and purchase promos. You’ll find freebie body lotions or travel-sized bottles that come packaged with your favorite scent.

Coach Poppy Gift Set: Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion, $70

Gucci Gardenia Gift Set $71

Flora by Gucci: fragrance, travel-size + body lotion $71

Sephora Favorites: Rollerball of Viva La Juicy, See by Chloe, Flora by Gucci, Marc Jacobs Dot, and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, $24

Tocca Meet The Girls: Ten Spray Vials including Cleopatra, Brigitte, Collette, and Lilliana. $62

Prada Luna Rossa: Shower Gel, Eau de Toilet, Travel Pouch, $87

Check online to see if your favorite fragrances are doing promos this month. If you’re a candle girl, there are also luxury fragrance candles too (like Jo Malone, Tocca, Bond No. 9, Diptyque, etc.) Also, keep your eyes open for gifts too. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner.

Happy Spring Equinox!

x Laura

The Goods: Lovely Color (on sale)

A quick post to share some goodies that are on sale. I’ve been scouring high-end retailers lately looking for deals and wanted to share this lovely trio of orange / coral items from Shopbop.com. Today and tomorrow (act fast), take an additional 20% off with promo code: WEAREFAMILY13. Lots of cute things over at there if you’re looking for a deal.

  1. Shoshanna ‘Jodi’ Shirtdress, on sale for $231
  2. Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Tonda’ Crystal Clutch, on sale for $237
  3. Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent ‘Fallon’ sandals, on sale for $176

I love getting designer goods on sale, especially when they can be worn right away and all summer long.

x Laura


Unique and Chic

Boutiques are the cure for the ordinary

One of the things that is so special about boutiques is that they offer a departure from mass production. They are treasure troves of beautifully crafted items that your friends and family will just adore. Here I’ve put together a smattering of items from LEIF.com for holiday. LEIF is out of Brooklyn, NY and has crafted a beautifully curated site with artisan items for your home, table and jewel box. Just look at these cheerful cups, bracelets and serving spoons — and the vibrant Pantone milk pitcher is perfect for the creative in your life. Also, I’ve never seen a terrarium gardening set before – how cool.

- On Another Note -

Even though we are in holiday mode with lots to do and friends to visit, sometimes we get thrown a curve-ball during this festive season. On a personal note, I have been behind on my blog postings. We had to say goodbye to our dog last week and the sadness still washes over me daily. You’ve probably had to go through this yourself and know how hard the whole thing is. If I post less frequently you’ll know why, and if I suddenly post a lot, it’s probably because I’m trying to distract myself. Anyhow, grief is a odd thing and there’s no rhyme or reason to how each day will go.

Hugs to you,


Getting Your Greens

This week I borrowed a friend’s juicer to see if I liked it. Rumor has it that juicers are annoying to clean-up, but still undaunted, I wanted to see if vibrantly fresh juice would affect my energy and overall appetite. We (it’s a family experiment) started off easily with fruit juices (orange/pineapple) and have now moved into fruit/vegetable combos (carrot/apple and carrot/apple/celery/parsley). My husband has already told me not to tell him what’s in the glass, because if I use the words beet, kale or wheatgrass, he’s gonna bail on me. Completely predictable and I love the chance to take on a challenge.

7 Daily Greens

If drinking your veggies is off-putting, at least fashion has given us another way to get our daily green fix, since hunter, forest and emerald greens are strong tones right now. Here are 7 stylish examples of how people are wearing it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Shopping: Greens Like These Under $300

Using What You’ve Got

You’ve probably already got some deep autumnal greens in your closet. Time to dust them off and put into rotation. Pairs well with deep purple, peacock blue, black, white and wine.

If you’ve got a juice recipe that you love, please share it. I’d love to hear about it. Have a good one!
x Laura

P.S. Today I’m going to try The Chiller (from The Juicing Bible) which is a combo of carrot/celery/red pepper/apple/cucumber/zucchini. Sounds like a salad in a glass to me. (photo: juicingvegetables.me)