Small doses

It has been said that a wardrobe should be 80% classics and 20% fripperies. Building a solid foundation of quality, go-to pieces and then adding in a current trend in a shoe, accessories or seasonal piece is not only economic, but stylish too. We’ve all seen people decked out in too much of a good thing. I’ve absolutely done it myself. It usually feels, well, too thought out and like I tried too hard to force the outfit. Style is about mixing it up, the trends with the classics, the high with the low, all in a way that feels true to yourself.

So, what’s a good way to wear a trend? Let’s take studs. They are currently one of the hottest trends this year. They are on everything from jackets, to shoes, to pants, to basically you-name-it. Sometimes, a whisper is more than a scream. One way to channel the trend, without shouting it is in a studded earring, a bracelet or a go-to handbag that can last you all season. With a small dose of studs, your personal style can still come through without looking like you got bedazzled.

Dominion Tote, Sundance catalog $228

ABS studded cuff $125

Bop Bijoux, Shopbop, $60


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