Beauty Round-up: Winter Skin

Whoa, my skin has taken a beating over the past month. Harsh cold weather, dry indoor air and too many holiday indulgences have been brutal. Here are my favorite products to combat winter skin and pesky breakouts. What are yours? I’d love to hear what works for you.


MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal mask $16

Apparently, the MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask is a little hard to find and MAC seems to sell out of it quickly. I can see why. Pores shrink, skin becomes exceedingly smooth and tight, and it heals blemishes in no time. The mask itself is thick, black and heats up by water activation. Go to your nearest MAC store to get your name on a list for the next shipment. It’s worth the trouble.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $17

Blemishes are gone overnight. Seriously, it’s that good. Mario Badescu’s is a genius. His Drying Lotion works every time.

Dry Skin

Nude Skincare Cleansing Oil $52

NUDE Skincare Cleansing Oil lasts for months and takes off everything, including the tough stuff, like waterproof mascara. It doesn’t sting eyes, not even a little bit, and comes off easily with water. Works well for all skin types, even oily, and is perfect for combating winter dryness. I’ve tried other cleansers and keep coming back to this one.

Korres Wild Rose 24-Hr Moisturizing Creme $32

Korres is a natural skin care line from Greece, that was originally established in 1996 at a homeopathic pharmacy. Their Wild Rose 24-Hr Moisturizer is a basic cream that hydrates like crazy and smells so good. It also contains brightening botanicals that even out skin tone. Use this as a low-key, soothing complement to serums, retinols, or other high-potency products you might use.

Jack Black lip balm $7

You’ll find Jack Black’s lip balm on the men’s side of the store, but it’s fantastic at keeping anyone’s chapped lips under control. Smells minty too, which is nice.

Bliss hand cream $18

Keep this on the night stand and lather up before bed. The Bliss High Intensity hand cream heals rough hands and cuticles with a silky, but not greasy feeling. I don’t use Bliss’ fancy gloves though. I just put it on and go to bed.

Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion $5

Dry skin drinks Dove’s Cream Oil up without feeling slick, thick or sticky. Sinks right in and skin stay happy all day.


7 responses to “Beauty Round-up: Winter Skin

  1. Laura – great recommendations. I’m going to try the Nude skincare cleansing oil. I’ve been looking for something like this. :-)

  2. jack black lip balm rocks!
    i just got the nude hydrating kit and am excited to try that. i’m still on the search for the mythical perfect moisturizer. i’ve tried some other korres stuff that i didn’t love, but maybe i’ll check this one out….


  3. I love the Korres Wild Rose… it’s really nice and creamy without being greasy. The scent is beautiful but not overpowering.

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