Blog Love: The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist, $16 (paperback)

Buckle button zip gets a lot of ideas from reading street fashion blogs. Seeing how people put themselves together is the best way to see style + trend + creativity. Mixing pieces from high and low, vintage and trendy, texture and color is so subjective and the possibilities are endless. For me, it’s like being a kid in a candy store.

One of the darlings of street fashion photography is Scott Schuman, who creates the deservedly popular blog,  The Sartorialist. He walks the streets and turns his camera loose on the cities of New York, Paris, London, and Milan to capture stylish, everyday people. The colors, clothing and quirkiness of the people are all real and not manufactured perfection. Mr. Schuman is an amazing photographer and I am often as mesmerized by the composition and lighting, as I am the people he’s shooting. If you’re a photographer, you’ll love his shots. If you’re into fashion and people watching, you’ll love it all the more. He also released a book last Fall that showcases his favorite shots, in what he calls, “a social document celebrating self-expression…”

The Sartorialist recently traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for Rio Fashion Week. While there, he shot a 3-part series on a woman named Joana. You must see this gorgeous woman and his flawless photography. Makes me want to head South and pile on the color. Enjoy!

Rio: Joana part 1

Rio: Joana part 2 – city

Rio: Joana part 3 – the beach


3 responses to “Blog Love: The Sartorialist

  1. This is a very fun blog! I will be checking in frequently for more wardrobe inspiration.
    (P.S. I LOVE the Joana pics, they are amazing!)



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