Modern Florals

A Common Thread at ShopStyle

A Common Thread $96

One of the big trends of Spring 2010 is gorgeous, modern floral prints. What I love about these new florals is that they feel neither vintage nor preppy. Shown above, the A Common Thread dress (on sale from Bergdorfs) has an edgy painterly feel to it, while the Kimchi Blue Sahara dress from Urban Outfitters (below) has a more graphic bent. You could wear these now with tights and then in the warmer months with sandals. As with any trend, it’s great to get them at a good price and all of these finds are under $100.

Kimchi & Blue at ShopStyle

Kimchi Blue Print Chiffon Sahara Dress $58

There’s something about this last piece from Topshop that I just love. It’s floral, it’s dip-dyed and I’m thinking it has some serious swish when you walk.

Topshop at ShopStyle

Dip-Dyed Floral Ruffle skirt $70


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