Gray Days

Gray is one of those colors that looks good on everyone, and that’s a fine trick. It’s softer than black on the skin and brightens up a winter paler, which in the middle of February, seems like a good reason to throw it on.

I was drawn to these Moto vests for their toughness and absolutely love the gray color. The shade brings softness to an otherwise hardened look and doesn’t feel too biker, if you know what I mean. For now, the vests are perfectly at home with winter jackets and long-tee’s. In Spring, they will give a balanced-edge to an angelic or softly, draped dress. Also, you could throw it on over a tee and slim pants and walk out the door feeling cool and stylish. All good ways extend the wear of your purchase and to beat the winter doldrums.

Here are some tantalizing options at both the high and low-end of the spectrum.

Mike & Chris Moto Leather vest, $495

My inspirational piece is a gorgeous Mike & Chris ‘Kendal’ Leather Motorcycle Vest $495 found at Nordstrom. You can tell by the drape that the leather is soft and I like that it’s not too shiny. How can you beat that? Well, lo and behold, check out these beautiful alternatives:

1. For Joseph washed leather vest  is on sale now at for $199 down from $285. Hurry there’s only a few left.

2. The IRO vest is on sale now for $161, down from $435 from Now that’s a great deal.

3. Lastly, Forever 21 has an inexpensive way ( it’s only $32) to get your Moto fix with a bronze metallic vest. I know, I know, it’s not gray, but it’s a heck of a deal for the same look.

For Joseph 'Friday' leather vest $199

IRO at ShopStyle

IRO Manith Leather vest $161

Metallic Moto vest $32.80


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