Ikat prints – easy as that

Ikat is a style of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye, where you bind the yarn for effect. Because of the difficulty and time it takes to make ikat, people believe that the fabric is imbued with magic. Hello, it’s gorgeous and now it’s magical too. Fantastic.

Ikat patterns sauntered down the Spring 2010 runway at Dries Van Noten and Gucci (above, left to right), as well as, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Pucci. The patterns have a primal, tribal quality to them, and the coloring shown above is strong and vibrant. I searched and found three lovely scarfs, right on trend, that have a softness in color making them perfect for Spring. Just draping this around your neck will pump up the interest-factor of an outfit and add a bit of warmth too, as we go from cold-to-warm-to-cold temperatures.

The scarf above is something I would definitely click and buy (in fact, here I go). It’s made by Spun by Subtle Luxury at Milk, and goes for only $37. It’s got those beautiful blue/turquoise tones with just a hint of khaki, which we’ll be seeing so much of this spring/summer. Adding this scarf will spice up a head-to-toe neutral outfit, add a pop of interest and keep you from completely washing out. Good for work, play and weekends.  Here are some more amazing Ikats to choose from, all from Spun by Subtle Luxury:

Spun by Subtle Luxury, Ikat Diamond Print, $35 (also available in pink & purple too)


Spun by Subtle Luxury, Ikat print scarf, $40

Runway photos via Style.com



3 responses to “Ikat prints – easy as that

  1. I love the ikat. Might have to take all my old ikat and have them made into scarves now.

  2. I use to love ikat. Love the turquoise-khaki one. Red-black-white is not that bad either. More generally, have a thing for non-silky silk… as the Malagasy raw silk (i,e. from Madagascar). You’re so right, especially those colour combinations you selected should add some “punch” to a neutral outfit. I usually work like this. All in black/marine and other dark nuances to look thiner and a pop of colour around the neck, hence my early interest for scarves in general (started wearing scarves at 19).

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