Loving: Maxi Skirts

Photo: Styleclicker.net

This maxi skirt looks impossibly fresh and vibrant on her, don’t you think? I’d guess she was an off-duty model, but in fact, she’s a design student who made this skirt. Oh, how I wish I could pull-off a trick like that. Anyhow, the long skirt is on the radar for fall, but I especially love it right now for spring and summer. There’s something lovely about bare legs, draped fabric and the ability to top it off with a white t-shirt and sandals and be out the door. Gwyneth Paltrow thinks so too. She’s sporting a minimalist maxi dress as she does errands around town. With mini skirts being everywhere and on everyone these days, I find it refreshing to flip it and reach for the exact opposite. Plus, this style is ageless, working for 20-somethings and beyond.

Gwenyth Paltrow via FabSugar.com

Elisa Nalin via alltheprettybirds.blogspot.com

Maxi skirts are an unexpected option for summer. Their style advantage is they make you look taller and can cover up heavier legs. But, since you’re covering up your legs, you’ll want to balance that out by wearing a top that shows some skin, which could be a short-sleeve shirt, tank top, or v-neck. Don’t cover yourself up on both top and bottom or you’ll risk looking dowdy and that’s not what you’re going for. If you’re petite, watch the volume on the skirt and opt for a wedge shoe for added height. If you’ve got the height, then you can pull off a flat sandal. I choose a neutral palette, to keep things looking classic and minimalist, but if you want a bohemian effect, there are many printed options out there too that will work for you.

Shopping options:

Old Navy at ShopStyle

Old Navy skirt in spitfire, $26

Rachel Pally stripe skirt, $198

Gap long embroidered skirt, $79

L'Agence maxi skirt, $180

I love easy dressing and a maxi skirt definitely falls into that category. If you don’t have one in your closet, it’s time to try one on and see why people love them.

— Buckle ButtonZip



36 responses to “Loving: Maxi Skirts

  1. Lovely post. I agree with you on the maxi skirt being wonderful for easy dressing.

  2. love it! ive actually never worn a maxi before but i think i might have to snap one up this summer x

  3. I’ll wear maxi dresses, but the skirts with ‘too much going on’ isn’t really my thing. I say too much because I’m petite, and easily look like I’m drowning in my own outfit then. But skirts and dresses are great for summer (and winter) anyways :)

  4. The Maxi dress is great because it can be worn casually or can be dressed up. I wore mine to a wedding last summer but also when I went out shopping in Spain! I think I will try the skirt but you definitely need to be taller to pull it off. I guess it’s a bit like the gypsy skirt everyone was wearing only a few summers ago!

  5. i really love maxi dress – it projects a sense of freedom – the rachel pally number is just perfect!!!


  6. I LOVE long skirts – wear’em every chance I get. Great post!

  7. Great post and you’re right – this could be worn Spring/Summer/Fall. Having never worn one, I’m excited to go out and try this new look, as it definitely is all about freedom. But I’m hesitant due to one thing you mentioned – height. What exactly constitues as being ‘tall?’ I’m 5″7′ and not quite sure if I fit into the ‘tall’ category or not. Thanks for the great post and I look forward to reading/learning more! :)

    • Oooh, I wish I was as tall as you are. I’ll be wearing mine with wedges (I’m 5’4″), but you can probably go either way — heels or flats. There’s no harm in trying one on and if you feel like you’re drowning in fabric then grab a heel.

      • Thank you so much for your advice, which I’m happily taking. There’s not much difference between our heights and you’ve reminded me of my lonely wedges, stuffed within the depths of my overstuffed closet, so thanks again! :)

  8. Great post! I’ve been waiting for the long skirt to return to fashion! For those of us with hopelessly pale, skinny legs who dare not wear shorter skirts for fear of blinding others (panty hose are simply not an option, esp. in summer), this long skirt comes as a total relief. I think it’s also much more attractive and flexible than the maxi-DRESS which, unless it’s worn on just the right body type, can look like a strappy table cloth. Thanks!

  9. I kinda like it, in a wierd way .. But still, it’s kinda over the top some of them

  10. thanks dear very good

  11. These are really cute but I feel like as a person who’s vertically challenged (I’m 5’2″ but 5’3″ on a good day. LOL) I would drown in a long skirt.
    Overall I think this will be a fashion trend we’ll see coming back. Lucky tall girls! =)

  12. I do agree with NANsee, lucky for you tall women! I cant wear this at all I’m a 5’3 so I’d look short wearing it! :( I always need to wear something short to make me look tall! :(

  13. sooo comfy. so many celebrities are seen with huge dresses and skirts with waves of fabric blowing in the wind. i love them!

  14. I love maxi dresses. I even had some in the 70’s. Obviously, they look a little different today. Love ’em anyway!

  15. thanks for this. this is just what i need to convince me that long skirts are back.
    my favorite is the stripey skirt. it gives the extra edge if you don’t wanna go for that boho chic look.

  16. Oh, maxi skirts are wonderful in the hot summer heat, but I have to say- me being shorter and I have actually quite short legs-
    I always end up looking like I am wearing a tent, if I wear one. I envy the women who can pull off this style with flair…

  17. Definitely a ‘yes’ vote for maxi-skirts, although I prefer them plain! I am in-between height-wise, so any busy patterns are a no-no!

  18. I love that pink skirt, so beautiful and effortless! I wonder if we could make it work for the office?


  19. Love it for the thin women, us bigger chicks look like we’re wearing a snuggie in public :)!

  20. I think it looks the best on the designer.

  21. Maxi skirts are such a hot item. Although probably not the best for us shorter women who need to show a little leg to lengthen our bodies. Maxi dresses will probably make a come back, it’s definitely more versatile!

    • There’s been some good opinions on whether to wear this trend if you’re shorter woman. For petites, you can try a maxi skirt that shows some ankle and wear a heel/wedge to maximize your leg length. That said, if the trend goes against your body type or personal style, then it’s never a good idea. Always stay true to yourself :)

  22. it’s so nice to see the maxi back in style! i live on the beach and they go very nicely out here.

  23. Even I think the maxi is great!

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