Jeweled Flat Sandals

Antik Batik, $215

Is it just me, or is the shoe department bling-ing out big-time this season? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some blingy shoes, but I just don’t remember seeing this many options before. This is a really good time to go perusing in the shoe department, because all the new sandals are coming in and they have lots of sizes. Don’t think you can wait until Memorial Day and still have your pick of the litter. I know, I know, life can be hard sometimes, but this is your friendly reminder to get out there early and get what is rightly yours.

Of these bejeweled sandals below, I tried on the Steve Madden “Bride” thongs and loved them (no, I’m not a bride or even about to be). They are much cuter in person than this picture shows. I was this close to getting them, because it’s nice to have a sandal that can dress up or down. If I was a bride and getting married on a beach or wanted to wear sandals, these would be amazing. The Elizabeth and James cuffed sandals look a lot like these Balmain sandals which go for $11oo on sale, and I think these are a lot more functional.

Shopping options:

Elizabeth and James "Becky" cuffed sandal, $235

Report Anja sandal, $69

Steve Madden "Bride" sandal, $79

Elizabeth and James at ShopStyle

Elizabeth and James "Blair" jewel thong, $295


3 responses to “Jeweled Flat Sandals

  1. i love the elizabeth and james “becky” at $235 but the anja at $69 is more in my proce range. thanks for the informative post.

  2. Such pretty sandals. As always, your picks are spot on!

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