Style File: Dressing in your 30s

Thandie Newton, 37 (photo: justjared)

The rules of dressing are morphing all around us and designers are giving us more options to embrace as we age ever more beautifully. A woman in her 30s looks positively radiant, confident and cool as she goes to work, balances a life with family and friends and begins to reach a calming certainty about who she is. Dressing in your 30s is about letting your style emerge and using your body knowledge to accentuate your body to its best. It’s also time to reevaluate the things you wore in your twenties and dress for who you are now.

Things to think about:

  • Maybe you went clubbing a lot in your 20s and now you’re more into hanging out with friends at restaurants. Have your clothes caught up with you?
  • Maybe you’re longing to look more refined and less trendy? Adding a fabulous wool coat or other timeless piece to your closet will up your chicness factor without downplaying your youth.
  • You can probably afford more quality pieces that will last for more than one season. Look for good fabrics and tailoring that will work for a few years.
  • You’re ready to move up the company ladder and your clothes need to reflect that. Look at what the higher-ups are wearing. It’ll give you some hints about where to focus your next purchases.
  • Now that you know your body, pass on any trends that don’t flatter you. You’ll still pick up the seasons’ trends, but only those things that make you look fantastic. This can be hard because you want to feel cool, but be ruthless about it. Nothing will age you faster or look more awkward.
  • Start buying investment pieces. Here’s a list of basics you must have — always and forever, in the best quality you can afford, in the style that best fits your personality:
  • denim
  • cashmere cardigan or turtleneck
  • classic white shirt
  • LBD
  • black skirt
  • trench coat
  • ballet flats
  • statement handbag
  • high heel pumps

Kate Hudson, 32 (photo: justjared)

Liv Tyler, 33 (photo: justjared)

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