Summer Style for Men

A male reader of mine sent me a note asking for good options to wear to work this summer. He’s over polo shirts and his job is flexible enough that he doesn’t have to wear a suit very often. I love my male readers, so I am very happy to pull this together. Guys, here are some core pieces, to get you through the summer work weeks in 2010:

Slim-cut Khakis

These are not your dad’s khaki pants. Take note of the difference here — they have a slim-cut leg and flat-front. Put down any khakis that have pleats — just walk away. They make you look heavier than you are and who wants that. I’ve seen slimmed-down versions in stone, gray and dark khaki at the GAP and in the better department stores.

GAP New Cadet Khaki, $35

Denim Shirt

Choose a dark-rinse denim shirt and wear it either underneath a lightweight jacket or alone (with a crew-neck tee underneath, of course). This is a casual look that’s still pulled together. If you’re hot, roll-up the sleeves. Do not opt for a short-sleeve version for the office.

GAP Gray Railroad Chambray shirt, $49

Plaid Shirts

Forget about grunge and Kurt Cobain and all that 90s stuff. These are slimmer-cut and more urban hip, than slacker. Again, please buy long-sleeves for the office and roll ’em up instead of a short-sleeve version. You can also find cool ones at vintage stores – just make sure they aren’t cut too big. You’re going for a slimmer look here.

Superdry Roll Sleeve Plaid shirt, $79

The Look: Plaid shirt + jacket

John Varvatos, $165


This kind of jacket is more casual than a full-on blazer, but it still pulls the look together. If a blazer/sport coat isn’t right for your office, try one of these instead. Ignore the goofy-model below, with his fake “I’m yelling at you” gesture, but don’t ignore the jacket. It’s a good one. All of these are cotton, so they’re lightweight and breathable, which you’ll want in the warm weather.

From left to right: Banana Republic, $130, French Connection, $160 and Banana Republic, $150. Click the picture for more details:

If you’re looking for Summer accessories, is showing  that colored-faced watches, aviator sunglasses and top-siders are big for Spring/Summer 2010. Also, as you might have seen in an earlier post of minerolled-cuffs on jeans and khakis are still a huge trend for guys. Check out my Street Style post to see examples.

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7 responses to “Summer Style for Men

  1. Ok, so a few questions (great post BTW)

    – On the rolled up cuffs should I really be showing my socks in a “high water” sorta look? I saw a few that looked that way and honestly thought it was a bit goofy but hey if that’s the style!

    – What sort of pants do you suggest with the denim shirt? I’ve never owned one as they bring up images of home (the South) and have always felt sorta low-brow to me due to that. Khakis? Jeans?

    – I’m a big fan of the gray undershirt instead of white – agree?

    – How about a post on men’s shoes at some point? I’m pretty sorely lacking in that department…

    • I think rolled cuffs look best when it’s just a turn of the cuff and not fussy looking. Just flick it up and don’t be too precise about it. This is for straight leg jeans (like a Levi 501 leg), not a bootcut. Do not show socks, but bare skin would be ok. The guy in Milan has it right for your look. Also check out this link at GQ:

      Wear the denim shirt (dark rinse, not light) with khakis, gray or black. I think the double-denim look is hard to pull off, but if you did try it, opt for two different washes. If the hue of denim is the same it will look like a denim suit.

      It’s up to you about the undershirt. I like white underneath dark colors to set them off. You have a good eye though, so use your own style judgement. At the end of the day, your own comfort is the most important style tool you have. Always feel comfortable about your choices and tweak it to make it your own.
      Hope that helps!

  2. I much prefer roll up skinny with plaid shirt, and also a slim cut blazer would be perfect !

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  5. Ahhh I wish I knew more men who were interested in heeding fashion advice! I love your suggestions!

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