It’s a Mod, Mod World

Stripes & sparkle (photo: Vanessa Jackman)

Popping over to the Modcloth site today, I found a bunch of cute things to share with you. There were many unique Breton stripe tops which, as you know, are huge right now. You can hardly go wrong owning a striped tee this season, and the ones below are adorable and affordable. It’s one item that works for all ages and can be worn preppy, urban, bohemian, classic or rocker — pretty much anyway you want.

I also found some versatile belts and a gray, spring-fall handbag. The bag is a cool, dove gray, with bits of golden metallic thread woven through the side panels for a bit of flash and novelty. You can hardly beat the prices on the vintage and retro pieces and there is always something new and unique showing up on their website. Items tend to go very quickly, because they are in limited supply. So, if you see something you like, jump on it. My favorite things also include the retro jewelry and cheeky, graphic tees.

Fur E-lace top, $27

French Navy Top, $27

Chocolate Icing Piping Belt, $28

A-braid of Commitment, $32 (in black & brown)

Buckle the Trend Belt, $45

Secret Gild Bag, $60

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6 responses to “It’s a Mod, Mod World

  1. Love the chocolate cutout belt! I found a similar one a while back at – super chíc! Thanks for sharing.

  2. the belts are wonderful! i love modcloth as well. to think they have not been around that long and what a great company they are!!

  3. great outfit! love the hat!



  4. Great outfit, the hat is great! I also like the French navy top – simple but chic!

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