Gone Fishing

Fishtail Braid on Karlie Kloss (photo: Stockholm Streetstyle)

As summer approaches, I’m interested in gathering up ideas for cute, but uncomplicated hairstyles. Right now, I’m liking the Fishtail Braid. It’s unique, looks complicated (but isn’t), and keeps hair tamed. Imagine wearing this at the pool, on a hike, going out with friends or on a hot, humid day. Here, Karlie Kloss wears the fishtail slightly loose and messy. You’ve probably seen the regular 3-stranded, side-braid about town and on celebs these days and that’s pretty easy to master. If you’re looking for how-to’s on the regular side braid, here’s more info on that.

If you’re ready for something a bit different, yet still easy, try the Fishtail Braid. I had no idea how to do this look, until I found a few videos on the matter. Somethings are better seen than described, so here’s a good YouTube video on how to achieve the look. She does her fishtail braid to the side, but it can also be done in the back. I like how she loosens it up at the end of video to keep it casual. You could also start with slightly damp hair to help keep layers tucked in, with a bit of mousse or volumizer.

Good luck and feel free to send pictures of your cute hair.

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Have a great day!

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