Go Daddy

photo: myparentswereawesome.com

It’s almost Father’s Day and as we all know, guys can be painfully hard to shop for. They don’t want flowery soaps, lip gloss or a beautiful candle. They don’t want a mani/pedi, gift certificate to a spa or a man-bag. If you find yourself still searching for a gift for Father’s Day (it’s June 20th, as in this Sunday!!!), it’s time to think like a dude. So, in my best imitation of a guy’s brain, here I go with some ideas that everyone can feel good about and that may not require FedEx overnight shipping:

  • Concerts– take him to a venue he loves or get tickets to see his favorite band this summer.
  • Sporting event – go watch a mountain bike race, motorcross, beach volleyball, or something out of the ordinary.
  • Get outside – go for a hike, to the lake or for a bike ride and take some good guy food.
  • Gear – guys love gear whether it’s GPS, a tricked-out watch, or the latest technology in phones, games, e-readers or cameras.
  • Leave him alone – that sounds kind of harsh, but what I mean is to plan some time for him with his buddies. Maybe he’d love to do beers out with the boys, go to a ball game, or have a weekend away full of camping, burping, farting and the like.
  • Bacon – Whatever kind of food you make on Father’s Day, please cook some bacon. Men just go crazy for bacon.

You’ve probably got some good ideas that may or may not include bacon. Feel free to share by adding a comment!


3 responses to “Go Daddy

  1. Great suggestions. Going to steal the hike/man-picnic idea. Note to self: go get some bacon. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. We surely did the bacon bit! Also did a waterfall hike the day before with good friends and went out for lunch.

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