I’ve got a real problem with sunless tanners. For starters they are fussy. You have to exfoliate, shave, lotion rough areas and then precisely apply it, only to find out hours later that you’ve jacked-up a spot on your ankle. Plus, they smell weird and I figure, if I can smell it, then you can smell it and that’s not great. Sometimes the color is alright and sometimes, I feel like I’ve gone into George Hamilton territory, so I’ve basically stopped using them. I’d rather go around with my exceedingly beige skin sticking out of skirts and cropped pants, than to embarrassingly fake it.

Then recently, on a last-ditch effort, fueled by wanting to wear a pair of black shorts, I bought the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day tinted gel. It’s a bronzing gel that you smooth on your skin and then wash off at the end of the day with soap and water. It’s just for one day and then it’s gone. I liked the idea of being non-committal on this. If it looked bad, smelled bad or made me shimmer like a Vegas showgirl, I could just wash it off. Glorious.

Well, I love it. It is sublime* and the asterisk is there because I had to figure the best way for me to use it. If you have medium to dark skin, then you can probably just go all out and put it directly on your skin (but put a slick of lotion on your hands first, so the color doesn’t seep into your palms). If you’re fair to very fair like me, then try this instead:

  • fully lotion your skin before applying
  • mix half lotion, half tanning gel in your palms
  • apply to skin
  • repeat mixture if you want to build more color
  • wash hands with soapy water

Finally, skin that looks naturally sun-kissed, without any sparkle, tell-tale lines or splotches and absent of that fake-tan funky smell. While it’s not the answer for anyone heading into the pool, it is perfect for all the days you’re staying dry. You could also use it to fill in tan lines or to fix fake tan mess-ups. Excellent for anyone who’s tan-aphobic.


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