I’m an avid reader and always have one or two books going at all times. Besides reading pretty much any fashion book that gets published, I troll the Sunday Books section and best sellers list of the New York Times to see what looks interesting in Fiction and Non-Fiction. My mom, who’s a prolific reader (and also very fast reader — she will read three or four books to my one), is also a treasure trove of new reading ideas. She and I set up a account a long time ago to share books and reviews and it is a fantastic way to exchange information. I like Goodreads so much that I’ve set up an additional account for Buckle Button Zip so you can see everything I’m either currently reading, want to read or have already read. Check it out here.

The other day as I was doing my daily reading of fashion blogs, I came across and Emily’s list for her 6 Great Reads. She’s got a great blog going on and she inspired me to immediately place holds on three books at my library*. I’ve already read through Amanda Brooks’, I Love Your Style and think it’s well worth a read, especially if you’re struggling to nail down your signature style. Even if you know your style through and through, she inspires each of us to rethink, reinvigorate and spice up a well-edited look. I learned a lot about what shapes, fabrics and cuts define certain genres of style. Emily also unknowingly inspired me to put up books I’m currently reading on my blog home page and to update my Books section, because I know that many of you are avid readers too. Thanks for your inspiration, Emily!!

Here are some other books I want to read:

Have a good one!

*Libraries are truly fantastic and a GREAT source for free, year-round reading material. I’m able to log on through the internet, browse and put a hold on books I want and then pick them up at the branch of my choice, at no cost. Also, in my area, they will mail it to your house for only $1. You don’t even have to leave your house for new reading material. If you’re trying to save money or just don’t want to store all the books you want to read, please check out your local library and find out the services they offer. Alright, this Library PSA has come to a close. We will now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


2 responses to “Bookish

  1. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi, Laura. I’ve discovered Louise Penny, a Canadian mystery writer who’s skills with words and interesting characters are outstanding! The first book in the series is Still Life. Her protagonist is a fascinating police inspector; the descriptions of towns make me want to visit Quebec! She also has a great sense of humor. You might try her if you like mysteries. I loved! the Hunger Games trilogy and I’m way over 60!! So much for labeling books by age groups. I also “devoured” the Twilight trilogy!
    Thanks for all your suggestions!
    Hugs, Ann Weinrich

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