Wait for it

Vogue, September 1963 w/ Jean Shrimpton

This is time of waiting — as in waiting for the big, fat, fabulous September issues of Vogue, Bazaar, InStyle and Elle and other fashion magazines to hit the newsstands. The big fall fashion trends have been laid out and fall clothes are showing up in stores, but we still want to see how the creative brains at each magazine will showcase the looks with their editorials. Even though I read fashion blogs every day, I am waiting like a giddy schoolgirl for the September issue to show up.

So, if you’re waiting like me and need some new blood infused into your fashion blog rotation, here are some of my current favorites:

  • 9to5 Chic – Featuring exceptionally stylish outfits for the working woman that are pitch perfect every single time.
  • Anthroholic – Devoted to all things Anthropologie. A habit I can completely get behind.
  • Lady Peach – Inventive, creative and fashionable, Lady Peach always brings something fresh.
  • Go Fug Yourself – Searing reviews of celebrity fashion. The comedic writing gets me every time.
  • SansArtifice – Well-edited blog dedicated to womenswear, photography and beauty.
  • Quietest Rebel – Always interesting collection of fashion photography and editorials.
  • Garbagelapsap – Akechi, the blogger behind Garbagelapsap, puts together a strong collection of men’s fashion and Street Style photos from Kuala Lumpur.
  • LePetit – A fun mix of shopping, trends and style.
  • Chichichic – Justyna’s personal style blog full of chic outfits.
  • The Pink Pen Word Studio – Girly, romantic and fashionable. Love to see her picks for The Daily Ruffle.

Have a good one!

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4 responses to “Wait for it

  1. Thanks for including me :) I’m flattered!
    Lady Peach

  2. Thanks for adding me to the list! Much obliged and muchly blushing!



  3. Thanks for adding me to your list too :) is an honor to be feature :)


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