Retro Glamour 60s style

New York Fashion Night Out (photo: Theo Wargo/Getty)

Darling, this is so glamorous, no? The incredibly high hair, red lips and kitten heels. The women are covered up, but undeniably sexy. That’s what I love about the retro glamour of the 60’s era. The dresses flatter with a nipped-in waist and full skirt. The kitten heels add a bit of height, but do not tower, at only 2″ high. Sure, these gals have been styled way over-the-top to make the point, but the concept works well for real life as well. Try one of these instead of your usual go-to dresses and add a brooch, red lip or button earrings to finish it off. I’m not sure who will love this look more, you, your girlfriends, or the men who’ll be turning their heads to get a look at you?!

Pre-order now at ModCloth, $109

Modcloth dress, $59

ModCloth, $102

J.Crew Origami dress, $198

There are a lot of beautiful kitten heels this season, so if it’s a look you love and heel height that works for you, this is the time to stock up. I went through lots of pictures to find this collection of just-right kitten heels for you (below). They have the right lines, richness and detailing that make the shoes look sexy, but not at all matronly. Click on any shoe or the extremely wearable J.Crew dress featured, to find out more info.

Stella & Dot have some fantastic brooches and button earrings in their Fall/Winter collection to complete the look. Check out these beauties:

Vintage Starburst Brooch, $49 in gold & silver

Stella & Dot Maltese Brooch, $44

Stella & Dot Belle Fleur earrings, $39

Stella & Dot Glint Flower earring, $39

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I love my readers and so appreciate that you stop by to see what I’m putting together every week.

xx, bbz


2 responses to “Retro Glamour 60s style

  1. Love it all! Brilliant stuff!

  2. How could I not love it? So easy to wear! Now we’re talking!

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