Two Things

We all get obsessed about things. Sometimes it’s a particular food you have a craving for, a color of paint that must be painted on your walls immediately, a far-away place that’s calling like a siren’s song to you or when it comes to fashion, the obsession for a certain item. I’ve been trying to shake two of my obsessions for weeks and still here they are. I’m hopeful that by sharing them, I’ll be able to get them out of my head. I’ll apologize in advance if you start thinking about them too. It’s a lot like when people plug a song into your head and you can’t shake it all day. That happened to me for three days last January and it was maddening.

Thing 1: a Shearling Coat:

I hear that editors and fashion darlings are falling all over themselves to get one of the coveted Burberry shearling coats this fall and for the $3000 that it will cost them to get one, I say go right ahead and knock yourself out. Me…I’m hunting for one that falls in a much lower price range.

Inspiration: Burburry Prorsum shearling coat

These jackets are priced between $198 – $795. Just click an image for more info:

Thing 2: a Faux Fur Vest

I’ve tried to put this one out of my head, but I am completely seduced by the bohemian, uptown feel of a faux fur vest. I put one on the other day and felt a Rachel Zoe moment happening right there in the store. Now if only I had some vintage Chanel jewelry and over-sized sunnies, the look would have been complete.

Inspiration: Rachel Zoe

Click any vest for more info.

Now if Thing 1 & Thing 2 had a Sporty Love Child, it would be this reversible shearling puffer vest. It’s a two-in-one coat and that makes me very happy, plus this is the kind of thing you can just throw on and be done with it. No-fuss, no-muss.

Adam Reversible Puffer Vest

Thanks for that bit of therapy today. My head feels better already.

–Buckle Button Zip

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