Model Ruby Aldridge (photo: Stockholm Streetstyle)


If you were a die-hard LOST fan like me, you’ll remember that the evil Smoke Monster was affectionately called ‘Smokey’ by the wayward island inhabitants. Today’s post is not about LOST or the smoke monster or even the after-life, but instead about how to do a Smoky Eye specifically by eye color. What you’ve probably noticed is that, I love pop culture and if I ever have the chance to make some obscure reference to a TV show, cultural icon, one-hit-wonder or cult movie, I’ll do it…in a heartbeat. And I’ll probably think I’m clever for a whole day…but if it makes me just a little happy, is that so bad?

So, here’s the real reason for the post today. I stumbled across these great videos from international NARS makeup guru, Uzo, on how to do a smokey eye for blue, green and brown eyes. There’s a video for each eye color, so pick yours and get your individualized tutorial. The smokey eye is something I’ve never been able to master. I end up looking more like a linebacker getting ready for a football game, than a gal getting ready for night out. Now, after watching the video, I realized that the shadow and eyeliner colors I chose, were too dark for my eyes (blue) and I didn’t use cream shadow as a base. I also love how Uzo shows us how to use color with the green eye and brown eye videos. It’s a refreshing a modern spin on the traditional smokey eye.

Model Ruby Aldridge, shown above in this street style shot, gets her smokey eye just right (of course) and her eyes look captivating. She also won me over with her casually undone, fishtail braid. If you’re up for two tutorials today, I did a post on fishtail braids with a video awhile back and truly, it’s not that hard.

Ok, here are the short eye makeup tutorials:

How To Get Smokey Eyes: Best Colors for Brown Eyes

How To Get Smokey Eyes: Best Colors for Green/Hazel Eyes

How To Get Smokey Eyes: Best Colors for Blue Eyes

Maybe you already have cream shadow in your makeup kit, but if you don’t, here are a few to try:

Brown eyes:  Benefit Creaseless Cream in Skinny Jeans (pewter) or Strut (smokey denim)

Green eyes:  NARS Nomad (shimmering green) Cream Shadow

Blue eyes: Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in Birthday Suit – won Allure Best of Beauty 2010

All can be found at Sephora or


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