Street Inspiration: Blanket Sweaters

Style Council (photo:

Lindsey Thornburg cloak

There’s a mini-trend of blanket sweaters for this fall/winter and this is one of the first pictures I’ve seen of one on the streets. I love the bold graphics of this woman’s American Indian motif sweater (she goes by Style Council on The big, voluminous sweater takes her cutoffs and white tee to another level of interest. The hat is an inspired accessory and she didn’t try to match it to her boots or even the sweater. Awhile back, I wrote a post of how wearing three colors/shades really punch up the impact of an outfit and I think she has proves that here. She’s got the light blue shorts, the brown tonal shades in the hat and the sweater, and black. You can see more of her looks at her own blog Danny Rose.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine let me know about a gorgeous collection of cloaks by Lindsey Thornburg, shown above, right. These are truly unique items and her eye for patterning and fabric is sublime. Her website says that many of the looks are inspired by a trip to Peru and you can certainly see those influences in her work. Check out her full collection, which also include dresses at

I always like to pull an edit of the featured item for you from the vast shopping mecca that is the internet. Here are a few cool blanket sweaters for you to contemplate. Don’t you just want to grab one and throw it on?! They look so warm and coolly chic at the same time. I believe the one on the top right row is incredibly similar to Style Council’s sweater coat above, from Some of the other ones below are reversible, so you get two looks for the price of one. You could belt it or let it hang loosely — whatever you feel is the right vibe for the day.

Shop these looks in Denver/Boulder at:

Goldyn (Denver) – has this black & white Cynthia Vincent cardigan.

J.J. Wells (Boulder)

Nordstrom (Broomfield, Cherry Creek, Park Meadows)

Neiman Marcus (Cherry Creek)

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