Keep It Going

photo: NYC Run Fashion

photo: Elle Street Chic

It’s always perplexing when people assume that once one’s past a certain age, that they stop caring about how they look (not sure what that age is exactly). That somehow reaching the milestones of life: marriage, divorce, kids, career and the need to carry reading glasses) sends a woman straight into shapeless clothes and uninspired outfits. I think this is a load of b.s. Nearly everyone I know cares about how they look at some level, even if they don’t take it to the heights of being a devout fashionista.

Probably, more often than not, what happens is that our life changes, but our closets don’t really keep up with us. There are the unavoidable weight gains of pregnancy and menopause that force us to eye our pants with increasing loathing or roll our eyes when our shirt no longer skims easily over our belly. This is life and it happens to all women. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to build a closet full of clothes we love — whatever moment we are in, in our life. I would much rather have fewer clothes and love them, than to have a lot of things that make me feel cruddy when I put them on.

It’s not often that I run across street style shots of older women. So many of the shots I find are of women who look like they’re in their 20s or not much beyond. Today I’m happy to share some pictures of women who’ve seen some milestones. I can’t be sure what those milestones are, but I like that they are still dressing for life, whatever that life is right now. These women are keeping up with the times, looking modern, confident and vibrant. I’d even venture a guess that none of them wish they were 20 again.

photo: Style from Tokyo

Have a great day!

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