Good for the Noggin

photo: by Yvan Rodic

Ooooh-wee, how’s that cold wind treating you?! If there’s one thing that gets me all riled up, it’s the wind. I’m pretty much fine with all kinds of nasty weather, except really windy days. Snowstorm, fine. Driving rain, whatever. Hotter than Hades, grab a cold drink. Below zero, put on another layer. Fog, love it, but the Wind — it seriously blows. They say the best defense, is a good offense and I think half the battle is won with a good winter hat. I like knit hats for the simple fact that they won’t fly off your head and will protect your ears from that horrible cold wind. After trolling the internet to see what’s new, I found some great, stylish hats. For the guys, I kept it classic and for the women, I picked some out-of-the-ordinary options. Click on the hat you like for more info.

Men’s Picks:

GAP tonal beanie $16.50

Banana Republic Wool Active Cap $35

Women’s picks:

Eugenia Kim Evelyn Beret $165

Anthropologie Solitary Hat $28

Free People Kitty Kat Beanie $38

Missoni Oversized Knit Hat $160

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, so my next post will have first-class ideas for hostess gifts. Everyone likes to receive a thoughtful gift, especially if that-someone got up early to put the turkey in the oven. I’ll try to get that post out tomorrow, so you have plenty of time for hunting and gathering.


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