Better Off Red

Delmy Maya via Chictopia

I’m partial to the month of February, so I had to do a post that includes red for Valentine’s Day. Whether you looking forward to it or can’t wait for it to pass, there always room in your life for something red. You can decide how much or how little of the sexy color you want to wear, but I think this Polyvore set is hot, hot, hot!

Click picture for more info:

And some ambiance:

Capril Blue Jar Candle in Volcano at Anthropologie

Red Love Paperie Garland at Etsy

Lastly, adorable Valentine’s for the kids:

Love & Hearts Postcard Valentines at Etsy

Red is always sexy, whether you care about Valentine’s Day or not. And if you like to keep your sexy under wraps, there’s nothing like wearing red lingerie under your outfit. I love the Calvin Klein bra & panty set above. Muy Caliente! You might just decide to make any old day Valentine’s Day.

It’s beyond cold here in Colorado today (something like -8 degrees). Brrrrr. Hope it’s warmer where you are. Oh and before I forget to tell you, I’m on Twitter now, so come check it out. I’ve been sharing the best of what I read about fashion, interesting people and good shopping, plus giving updates to the blog. Hope you’ll follow along!

If you’d like to see more of Delmy Maya’s personal style (picture ablove), you can find her at her blog, Fashion Bananas.


4 responses to “Better Off Red

  1. Great looking post! Also love the Etsy things!

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