Loving: Long Skirts

On The Racks via Chictopia

New York Fashion Week begins today and the collective blogging & fashion world is freaking out (in a good way)! Here’s a look at the NYFW Schedule for 2011. It’s also freaking awesome that the Independent Fashion Bloggers have a conference that’s streaming its Evolving Influence Conference live today, which features Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler. Also on tap are so many of the bloggers that I follow and admire, who will be speaking on the business of fashion blogging.  You won’t want to miss it if you’re a blogger. I’ll put the IFB conference info in my sidebar, if you want to find out more. I’ll be watching tomorrow for sure. While I’m not there this year, I don’t mind living vicariously through them and making plans to join them next year.

Holding down the fort in my snowy city, I’ve got long skirts in my sites. While I’ve done several posts on maxi skirts, both Loving: Maxi Skirts and Maxi Skirt Cool, this is a horse of a different color, so to speak, since your shoes get all the attention.

So, how to style it? You’ll notice that in two of the pictures, the shirt is tucked in, to show off the waist and give length to the legs. If you’re petite, keep the volume under control and have your hem be a bit shorter or asymmetrical, like Carey Mulligan’s and Joanna Ladrido’s style below. You’ll want to play around with the hem length to get it right for your height. Flats are an option, especially if you’re tall and if you’re short, reach for some platforms. Here are some ideas in a slideshow (let me know if you can’t view it):

Styling Inspirations

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love how these women put it all together. You can see more of their personal style at OnTheRaks.com, JoannaLadrido.blogspot.com, and Meijia’s style page at Chictopia.com.

Where to find your own long skirt? I pulled together some beauties for you right here:

Click It: Online Retailers

Add the Shoes

No doubt you have a longer skirt in your closet. Do you go for a bohemian vibe or keep it sleek? What shoes do you wear with it?

I have one long skirt that’s summer casual and one that’s more dressy. I need to play around with both of them to bring them up to a Spring 2011 look. I really like the look of an asymmetrical hem, since I’m petite, but don’t have one yet. I do love the blue platform pumps that Carey Mulligan is wearing. I mean, aren’t they just beautiful? What a fantastic way to bring a zing of color to the outfit. The pair above by Dolce Vita are on sale for under $100. Woohoo! Tempting….

Have a great day!


4 responses to “Loving: Long Skirts

  1. what a great post! awesome job! currently watching the IFB conference at home, wishing I was there!

    Love the way the long skirt is styled in the first pic, I’m also petite so high wedges or heels would be a must but i’m excited to work this look in my own way during spring and summer!


  2. Hi Laura! So funny that your latest post is about long skirts. I used to wear long skirts all the time and discovered at least a dozen long skirts in my closet that I didn’t know what do do with. I posted a discussion here (in BlogFrog) about whether I should hem them into shorter skirts or not. I got mixed answers – apparently long skirts are back!


    LOVE your blog and fun to see pics of you since I haven’t seen you in forever :)


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