Wearing White in a Dirty World

Doo.Ri Spring 2011 via Style.com

It’s a Dirty World

I don’t know about this all-white trend. It makes me nervous just thinking about it. One of the hot trends you’ll be seeing around town, in magazines and on the celebrities for Spring 2011 is wearing white from head-to-toe. For certain, we’ll be seeing even more white jeans and pants than ever before in stores. In theory, I think it’s fresh, airy and a happy departure from the darkness of winter tones, but in reality, no way!

Let’s just imagine all the ways this can go:

  • There’s coffee to spill
  • Dirty cars to rub against
  • Kids to wrangle
  • Something on the chair that you didn’t see
  • Red wine
  • Food in general
  • Newspaper print
  • dogs that jump up because they’re so happy to see you
  • makeup of any kind
  • and oh my god, what is that?!

I love what personal style blogger Blair says about her White Wash look:

I pretty much spent all day trying not to get dirty in this outfit. All white is so chic, but so high maintenance!

Atlantic-Pacific via Chictopia

She looks fab of course, but I have to agree with her on how high-maintenance white is. Maybe you guys know what you’re doing when it comes to wearing white. Please share the secret, because I am completely befuddled by this. No seriously, please tell me, because I think this might fall under a Random Act of Kindness to me and many, many women out there.

Here’s How I’m Going to Cheat It…Accessories

I’m going to cheat with this whole white is white-hot trend. I’m going to wear a knock-out white shirt and pile on some white accessories and keep everything else subdued, like it doesn’t even exist. My bottom half can take the full brunt of the dirty world, while my top half is like the wing of an angel that dusts off anything impure. I think this will work.

Ideas: Click It

I’m in love with the coral bracelet right above and the blingy bangles. Just stack those puppies up and you’ve got yourself a look. Still it might be wise to throw one of those Shout! stain remover cloths in my bag, because you know, life happens.

Have a good (and mostly clean) day!

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7 responses to “Wearing White in a Dirty World

  1. Wear white pants from 8pm to 12 pm…….in the dark. Elaine

  2. great post! love love love wearing white, its so crisp and clean looking, but any white pieces i own/owned do seem to have a short life span. cant keep them looking new!


  3. Sure! High-maintenance is needed when you’re all white ! I’m impatient to see and to photograph white-wearing people in that dirty world!
    Thank you for inspire me!

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