It’s Time to Panic

Photo: Blue Line Pictures/Getty

One minute it’s the dead of winter and the next minute it’s Spring Break. Woohoo, right?! Warm weather, maybe a swimming pool and beach in your near future. This is sounding good and just the antidote to the winter blues. Except, whoa, hold on there Trigger — maybe you need a swim suit. Ah, man, what a buzz kill to the whole excitement of traveling and getting to go to the beach. This has got to be the universal dreaded chore that every woman has to endure.

Well, we’re made of tough stuff, right?! So, c’mon, shave your legs, slather on some lotion and swipe on a nice lip gloss; it’s time to face the music. I’ve pulled together some beautiful options for you, whatever your body type. I tend toward suits that have structure, great draping and lines. If you’ve got the rockin’ body of a 20 year-old, first of all, good for you and secondly, you can probably put on two coconuts and a banana leaf and look good. For the rest of us, here are some options:


La Blanca "Solid As A Rock" one-piece

Miraclesuit "Sanibel"

St. John Solidly Elegant one-piece


Tankini La Blanca Nordstrom

La Blanca Tankini

Tankini Robin Piccone Nordstrom

Robin Piccone Tankini


Carmen Marc Valvo Moroccan Ikat bikini

Carmen Marc Valvo Moroccan Ikat bikini

Robin Piccone Ikat Twist bikini

Robin Piccone Ikat Twist bikini

Trina Turk Palm Sola bikini

Trina Turk Palm Sola bikini


Shoshanna Striped Blouson cover-up

Shoshanna Striped Blouson cover-up

Joie a la Plage Embroidered Cover-up

Joie a la Plage Embroidered Cover-up

Splendid Trina Tunic Cover-up

Splendid Trina Tunic Cover-up

Anthropologie Crystallize Cover-up

Anthropologie Crystallize Cover-up

You can probably tell that I like solid colors when you’re looking for more coverage in a swimsuit. I think big prints don’t do us any favors on a one-piece or tankini. You can do a wild print and colors for a bikini, because there’s less of it. You know what works best for you, but that’s just my two cents.

If you’re thinking of dieting before your impending vacation, I say don’t. You’ll just make yourself crazy and crabby over the next week or so and that’s not worth it. You’ll find that any resort frequented by North Americans is going to have a hodge-podge of body types on the pool deck or beach with you. Besides, you’re going to look so great in your new suit and cover-up anyway, so no worries.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to use this mind trick when on vacation to keep any body-issues anxiety at bay. Whenever I go to a resort, I always hope that there’s some Victoria Secret model-type or hot co-ed at the pool. When I spy her, I immediately relax. Now I know everyone will be looking at her and no one will be looking at me! Weird, but true. Ten years I ago, I would have felt insecure, but not anymore. I just smile and have fun with my family.

Good luck on your swimsuit hunt!


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