Loving: Spring Leather

Chictopia Style Pantry

Style Pantry via Chictopia.com

We Made A Big Difference

First things, first. You can give yourself a big, old pat on the back because the For Japan With Love donation event is a huge success. To date, it has raised over $54,000. How far did we hit it out of the park? The goal was…$5,500. Isn’t that amazing! Thanks to everyone who donated, participated and got the word out. For Japan With Love continues to accept donation through March 30, so if you haven’t had a chance to donate, there’s still time.

Lost in Transition

We’re all ready to roll into our spring wardrobe and sandals, but the weather isn’t quite cooperating yet. It’s not quite winter and not quite warm. I ran into this Saturday night as I was piecing together an outfit for going out. Most everything was either too heavy feeling or way too summery. Is this happening to you too?

Here’s an Idea

Julia Sarr-Jamois via TrendyCrew

Julia Sarr-Jamois (photo: TrendyCrew.com)

One of my favorite things this season is feminine leather for warm weather. It’s so counter-intuitive that I love it. Leather is for tough jackets, handbags and black pencil skirts, right? Not this season — we’ll see light, voluminous skirts and paper-thin dresses. Both Style Pantry (top) and Julia Sarr-Jamois (above) have styled feminine leather skirts perfectly suited for iffy spring weather. They’re ready for the change in season without giving up style or warmth.

If you want to see more from Style Pantry, check her out here. She’s got a knack for putting it all together and she’s gorgeous too. More Julia Sarr-Jamois style here (who’s also stunning): Loving: Julia Sarr-Jamois and White Hot – Part 2.

Found Something

What did I end up wearing Saturday night? I didn’t want to wear jeans (again), so I pulled out a newly thrifted, black silk full-skirt (that I was saving for warm weather) and wore it with tights and boots. Threw on a short-sleeve purple top and grabbed my gray, zig-zag patterned sweater coat. I think it worked out o.k. (but darn, I wish I had a picture to show you, then you could confirm or deny).

What have you been wearing this week? Share your spring transition outfit ideas. We can all use them!


2 responses to “Loving: Spring Leather

  1. first of all, that’s amazing about the for japan with love event raising so much money! very wonderful news.

    second, yes i am running into that problem and have been solving it much the same way. the problem is when it starts SNOWING like yesterday and today. now with some luck, the weather will get it’s act together.

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    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

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