A Happy Place

(photo: Daniel Feld)

We took a week off to dig our toes in the sand and unplug from our regular schedules. We went to Mexico and despite everyone telling us not to go, we went anyway. It was just what we needed and no one got shot.

Instead, we saw lots of color and warm smiles…

ate (a lot) of this…

helped out one of these…

read this…

and spent a wonderful week doing a bunch of nothing.

This last picture sums it all up — pure joy!

(photo: Daniel Feld)


6 responses to “A Happy Place

  1. You captured the joy and color of Mexico completely!

  2. why was everyone telling you guys not to go?! i think it’s amazing you took some time to unplug and unwind.

    these photographs are gorgeous, did you guys take these?? i love that you helped a turtle!!!

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

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    • Hi Kristy,
      Well, everyone said not to go because of the escalating violence in Mexico. My intuition said we’d be fine, so I listened to that. Thanks for the compliments on the photography. I’ll tell my husband. He’s the genius behind the lens and it means a lot coming from you. You have a background in professional photography, right?

      Oh, that little turtle! He just couldn’t make it to the water and was about to get trampled by a boat line. We picked him up and took him into the shallows. It made our day, that’s for sure.

  3. what great pictures- and I am glad you and your family enjoyed your vacation in Mexico. and what a marvelous memory you get to bring home with you- that of rescuing a little sea turtle! -Bella Q

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