Put on Some Lipstick, It’ll Brighten Your Face

Photo: EdieAdams.com via Blog: My Mom The Style Icon

Today’s post is a loving shout-out to all the moms in the world. Those amazing women in our lives who cared for us, got us to school, lovingly wiped our faces (sometimes with spit), encouraged us to explore, and soothed us when life went upside-down. Having a child myself, I know how bumpy the road of parenting is and it makes me appreciate my own parents all the more.

There’s a fun discussion going on over at the Savvy Living Community and I wanted to share it here too. The question is: What Fashion Advice Did Your Mom Give to You?

For myself, I can say that my mom always looks put together and she taught me to make an effort when meeting up with friends and going to parties. The gist of it was: people put a lot of time into making a party, we’re not going to show up looking like we rolled out of bed! Of course, it’s ingrained in me and if you’re throwing a party, I’m coming with bells on.

So what advice did your Mom pass along — the good, bad and hilarious? I can’t wait to hear it!

The lovely photo above is of entertainer Edie Adams and I found it at a GREAT blog called My Mom, The Style Icon. The photo was submitted by her son, Josh.  The whole site is wonderful look at stylish moms from all eras submitted by their own kids. It’s fascinating, funny and worth a click-through.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you so much.


3 responses to “Put on Some Lipstick, It’ll Brighten Your Face

  1. Mom: “Aren’t you going to put some lipstick on?”
    Me: “Mom I’m going to the gas station!”
    Mom: “Well, at least put a little lipstick on.”

    Oh Mom… I love you so! And miss you!

  2. A party is a fabulous excuse to get all dolled up! Why would one pass up that opportunity? : )

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