The Skinny on Stripes

You can hardly step into any store these days without being wooed by darling, sailorly stripes. They beckon to you and whisper in your ear, “you’ll look so gamine, so French, like a woman with that je ne c’est quoi…” and then you slip it on and just feel…wide. Well, of course you do, these are horizontal stripes on your body. Why oh why, are trends so cruel?!

Pfffts! (as a French girl might say), but you just have to find zee right stripe. You know, the one that is sweet, but still shows your lovely curves. And so, the hunt was on for the right kind of stripe. The one that tapers, is vertical, and mixes it up to create the illusion of curves where we want them. Eh, voila — the low-fat, skinny stripe has been spotted and culled.

Note: Most of the items in this Polyvore set are under $100, except for the Paul Green clutch, which is $300+. Woohoo for the great prices!

Not content to stop there, I couldn’t resist the another chic way to wear stripes…on your arm. Pair any one of these sassy striped totes or handbags with your spring/summer basics and you can hop on the trend that way.

These are seriously cute bags for all occasions: totes for the beach, clutches for a wedding (hello, little Kate Spade flower clutch, come sit next to me) and others for day. Click on any bag for more info.

Are you already working stripes into your mix? How are you doing it? Bravo, to you if you’ve already figured this out. I guess my French needed a little bit of work!

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3 responses to “The Skinny on Stripes

  1. Great post- as I LOVE stripes and love the timeless, effortlessly chic and cool quality of the print. I love that stripes are so NOT girly. And yet, like you say, so many people feel that they shouldn’t wear stripes. Your polyvore sets show there are many, many options to choose from that will make you feel wild more than wide. xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  2. I love stripes. They are feminine and chic. They automatically turn a simple outfit into something incredible! Great Post!

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