This is Not Happening

When I think about the times we live in right now, I’m not always optimistic about where we are heading as a nation; our values, our priorities, and our politics are worrisome at best. Let’s not even start on the state of our education systems or the abysmal regulations of our food industry, because this too is freight-train that’s out of control. At this point, you might be wondering if you stumbled onto the wrong blog. Maybe, maybe. Normally, you’d get your dose of trends, street style and all things fashion, but you’ve probably already suspected that I’m not going down that path today.

When I saw this video, about a mom who gives her 8-year-old daughter Botox to smooth away “wrinkles” for pageant competitions, I was stunned. Stunned and heartbroken. At the very least, it’s the beginnings of body-loathing issues for the daughter. I mean, what kind of warped message is this sending to a BEAUTIFUL girl, who’s in her prime years of building confidence, self-esteem and acceptance for her unique place in the world. At the very worst, the mother, who’s administering the Botox herself, should be held accountable for her poor judgement (and I’m holding back here), as should the doctor, who’s supplying the Botox. What in the blazes is going on? Does this even seem possible to you?

We could point fingers at the pageant industry, who’s impractical standards of outward beauty continue to flourish and be idealized. We could talk about the beauty industry that constantly bombards us with messages about what is beautiful and what is not, leaving many of us wanting. We could talk about unethical doctors who are using their access to medicine in all the wrong ways. And we could point fingers at the mom, who seems oblivious to the decisions she’s making.

Here’s the video link so you can see for yourself. I hear that Anderson Cooper just went on a rant about this on CNN. The whole thing is mind-boggling.

Here’s the link to it if you can’t see the video.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I’m still in shock. What do you think?


6 responses to “This is Not Happening

  1. I am dumbfounded.

  2. I think it shows how far we can go astray when we become heavily invested in a course of action such as beauty pageants for children. I am so saddened for the little girl. I believe that the mom is living through her daughter.

  3. I was horrified when i read about this little girl. I don’t even know where to begin about how wrong this actually is…

    • Apparently she also tried waxing her daughter’s legs, but the daughter put an end to that pronto. I’m hoping that the widespread attention to the story will make the mother stop. If not on her own, then maybe the unnamed doctor will put a stop to it for her (before he loses his license).

  4. There are no words. I was beyond horrified by this!

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