I wouldn’t exactly call myself organized. I’m a Piler, meaning that I have loosely categorized piles on my desk (and in the kitchen and bedroom) of papers, articles, to-do’s and reading material. Usually, I can find what I’m looking for within five minutes and if not, maybe it will bubble-up into my view within a few days. That’s the other thing — I’m a visual scanner. If I can’t see it, it’s dead to me, which is not always the greatest system. In fact, it has led me to set my New Year’s Resolution (for the past two years) as simply to edit–meaning, weeding out all the things I don’t need and keeping the essentials. The idea that I’ve been working at this for two years and am still not satisfied, tells me that it’s not working. Have you figured out a system to deal with incoming and outgoing items? If you have, please, please tell me. Maybe this dog can learn a new trick.

What Organization Apps, Tips and Tricks Work For You?

We discussed this very question over at the Ebates Savvy Living Community and shared loads of great ideas on taming to-do lists and staying organized. Some people use Evernote, an app that syncs with any device, captures any info (lists, to-do’s, contacts, ideas, notes) and keeps them readily accessible. Are you already using it? What do you think? If not, what do you use to keep life organized?

How Do You Deal With Unwanted Stuff?

Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time getting things to consignment stores around town and taking the rest to a donation center. When I left the house I had a trunk full of bags and when I came home it was empty. That felt great!!! It’s such a weight lifted off my mind (and a small victory in editing). When it’s time to give the heave-ho to unwanted items in your house, what do you do with them? Do you throw them away, donate, consign, Craigslist or hold a tag sale?

Ahhh, An Organized Desk (clearly not mine)

Walking the Talk

I’m currently reading Unstuff Your Life! by Andrew J. Mellen and it’s very good so far. I’ve read Chapter 1: You Are Not Your Stuff (really great reminder of how we identify with our things) and Chapter 2: Keys * Wallet * Purse * Mail. I’ll let you know how the rest of it goes and if my life does indeed, become unstuffed. I’m also adding this book to my Goodreads 2011 Reading Challenge which will bring my total read to 4 out of 24, when I’m finished with it. I’ve got a long way to go…!
Unstuff Your Life!

Thanks for putting up with all my questions today. This is what makes blogging so satisfying; we can share things, ideas and maybe learn something from each other (or at least we can commiserate!) Thanks for all your ideas in advance. I can’t wait to hear them.

P. S. Here’s my discussion link for the Savvy Living Community on organizing time. Feel free to add your two cents. Everyone is nice and helpful over there.


6 responses to “Unstuffing

  1. Tip for getting rid of things: move every 5 years (or at least 10). I have not done that, hence, way too much stuff hanging around. Closets well organized, but still too much. I donate to charity more than consign. No Craig’s List or yard sales. Can’t even give to my children, they have their own stuff to deal with. It’s such a problem, people write books about what to do.

    • You’re right about moving every so often. That would really kick my tail into gear. You are one of the most organized people I know, so you definitely know what you’re talking about.

  2. thanks for the spring cleaning inspiration! it is needed.

  3. I’m good at this! Walk into a room. Remove 27 items. Toss them or Good Will them. They can be as small as a hairpin, as big as a chest of drawers. Do every single room in your house including bathrooms and garage. Then do it again and again….three times. You will be amazed. Don’t let paper even get into the house. Keep a bag by the mailbox and toss stuff out immediately. Do newspapers and magazines on line. Buy an e-reader and get rid of a ton of books. When you buy an article of clothing, take one to a consignment shop or Good Will. I have a house with minimal storage space and no basement. It’s the best way to live. Big house, no storage area.

    • Elaine,
      I just tried your 27 Things trick this morning with a drawer in my kitchen. It was so easy and I didn’t even think about the items — just hunted for those 27 things. I will say that I’m good with my closet, because I only have a certain amount of room. One thing IN, one thing OUT. There’s always some piece of clothing that is worn out, spotted or uncomfortable that I can surrender. Thanks for the wonderful tips!

    • I’m even braver: 52 Things from hats to sit-arounds. But maybe I’m braver because I’m a career consignee AND consignor. Or maybe because of THAT I have more to get rid of! Thanks for the inspiration. Gotta go find some more underloved possessions to pass on to new homes.

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