Zig or Zag

Photo: Stockhom Street Style, model Dewi Driegen

When we first saw the color red re-emerge as an “it color” over a year ago, in the Fall/Winter 2010 collections, it made a big impact on the runways. Now, here we are in summer 2011 and it still looks as fresh and chic as ever, especially paired with the other “it color” beige. You’ve probably noticed red skinny jeans making a huge splash this spring, either on the street or in editorials. They sure do make you stop and stare (in a good way). Just look at model, Dewi Driegen in her skinny red jeans. Hot, hot, hot. If that’s not your cup of tea, what about trying a flirty skirt, a la Giovanna Battaglia, a fire-engine red handbag like Audrey or a summer-weight blazer. The lipstick shade of red brings a spotlight to wherever you put it, so be prepared for some attention.

Photo: Stockholm Street Style - Giovanna Battaglia

Photo: Stockholm Street Style - Audrey

Photo: Stockholm Street Style

If you’re the kind of woman to ZIG, when other women ZAG, then this picture of Elisa Nalin will win your heart over. She is decidedly wearing green and looks smashing doing so (and those deep purple shoes are soooo cool).

Photo: Stockholm Street Style - Elisa Nalin

Pull out your red (or green) and inspire a little heat of your own this week!

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