Keeping It Simple

Photo: Melanie Galea via

Summertime is all about ease. When we stare into our closets in the morning, all we want is something soft, comfortable and uncomplicated. Nothing too restrictive, clingy or fussy. There’s a call to dressing for fluidity and keeping things simple. These are just the right days for dresses, which are easier to throw on than separates, and right now the shirtdress is high on the fashion radar. We might need to exert enough energy to hunt for a belt and a pair of sandals, but really, that’s all you need to finish the outfit.

Reach for a shirtdress in the morning and you’re more than halfway to being ready. No need to change before dinner either, just switch-up your accessories and head out. Everyone will think you made more of an effort…and that’s o.k.

shirtdress via la mode outre

Pauline Lim - Photo: La Mode Outre (via Global Street Style)

Some ideas if you don’t already have one in your closet:

Try undoing a few buttons at the neck and add a pretty necklace, big or small depending on the day.

Which ones do you like better, the printed or the solid shirtdresses? I’m drawn to the Plenty turquoise printed dress because it’s so freakin’ cute, but know that I would wear one of the denim dresses in a heartbeat. Also, the cute yellow floral-printed Anthropologie dress (above) is on sale for $59 (also available in green).

Which one would you wear?

P.S. I just finished the book Three Junes, which means I’ve read 6 books this year. My Goodreads goal is 24 books for the year, so I’m still way behind. The good news is that I’m almost done with Book 7, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating (which is fascinating). Feel free to click the pictures for more info and reviews.

What are you reading??


One response to “Keeping It Simple

  1. I’ve been into intage 1950’s shirtdresses lately. They just feel so comfy and look so good!

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