Classic Update

Sofia Street Style

Photo: Sofia Street Style

The thing that really captures my attention in this photo, aside from her casual cool demeanor, retro Ray-Ban sunglasses, and casually slung, chain bag, are those high-heeled loafers. I’m intrigued by them (and haven’t seen them around for ages). Perhaps this is a good sign that we’ll see more of this shoe in Fall 2011. Maria (above) styled her loafers to go with a menswear shirt and cuffed jeans, then added feminine details with a petite chain bag, long leaf and pearl necklace and an open neckline. It’s casually pulled-together in a way that is very accessible to all of us.

Mulberry Oak Sparkle Tweed, $367 at

French Connection ‘Jermaine Platform Heel’, $198 at

Juicy Couture ‘Fredo Lace-Up Heel’  $250

I have a tiny crush on these Juicy Couture loafers, because they take the classic and put a twist on it. If you’re wondering how to style them, these shoes work with jeans, wider 70’s silhouette pants, straight skirts and classic trousers. I know we’re a month or two away from even considering transitional dressing from summer-to-fall (trust me, I’m not wishing summer away – not even close), but these would make worthy candidate for your fall shopping list.

What do you think? Would you wear a high-heeled loafer?


4 responses to “Classic Update

  1. I like the shoes, but I think they are deceiving. They look casual and comfortable, but the heels are sky high! You couldn’t wear them for long.

  2. I posted bout them last year and then never picked up a pair for myself. Shame!

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