Two Decades of June

Looking at Vogue magazine covers for June spanning the years 1991-2011, there’s more than one thing that pops into my mind.

First of all, it’s wonderful to see the familiar supermodel faces of Kate Moss, Claudia Shiffer, and Gisele Bundchen in the early days. Then poof, they’re gone. Around the turn of the millennium, models were replaced by the celebrity du jour. The last time a model(s) was featured on the cover of Vogue (US) was April 2010 and it was Gisele. These days we might only see one model cover per year. I’d be in favor of bringing back more models to the cover of Vogue. Don’t you get tired of seeing the same handful of celebrities? We get it, you’ve got a movie (CD, fashion line, wedding, TV show, etc.) coming up. Great…

Alright, now let’s move on to what these beauties are wearing. Hello, off the shoulder fringe of 1992, it’s been a looooong time and hey, there’s George Clooney (so handsome). Hold on a minute, I’m feeling a wave of deja vu. I’m seeing Ashley Judd in a bold stripe dress that harkens to this year’s Prada stripe sensation, tribal prints on Keira Knightley, an open-weave sweater on Uma Thurman, and minimalist all-white on Cameron Diaz. Wait a second, these are the Big Trends of Summer 2011, and here they are in 2002, 2006, 2007 and 2009. Huh? Is nothing new?

Looking back at the past 20 years of Vogue covers and seeing the cycle of pretty faces, clothes and predictable headlines, I started to wonder: why do you follow fashion? And I’m not asking in that “you’re so silly, why do you follow fashion?” tone. I’m asking, what motivates you to follow fashion?

  • Is it to stay current
  • to find out what other women are wearing
  • to get inspired
  • to enjoy the art form of editorial, couture and runway
  • for a shopping resource
  • for the fashion photography
  • something else entirely??

What keeps you interested in wanting to know what will be in that June 2012, a year from now? And I’m taking bets on who will be on the cover (Blake Lively is my guess).


6 responses to “Two Decades of June

  1. Why do I always agree with you? You must be right. I’m bored with the same old celebs that have good agents. Something new please! Half the time the photos are so manipulated the people are hardly recognizable. As for why I follow fashion, to me it’s another art form. Take something you know and do it in a different way.

  2. Loving this! I “predicted” the rage of polka dots, stripes and florals,and leopard along with the color block love for red, cobalt and pink? How, and why? I figured with economy tank, the offerings will be value-added, classic but memorable prints and colors that rationalize the extra spending. Nothing is new, but I do keep up with trends, even in the years I hate them. Mentally I feel by tuning my antennae to things beyond my personal preference it keeps me “in touch” with the world around me, and makes me able to stay “current” on a very tiny budget.

    • You are a visionary in all senses of the word, which doesn’t surprise me at all. You have that knack for putting things together, owning it and pushing the boundaries all at the same time. Your antennae are well-tuned!

  3. Fashion is so cyclical, so I love seeing what the “new” trends are each season! You would love Wendy Brandes and Stacy Lomman. They’ve totally lamented over the lack of models on glossy covers!

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