Piles of Bold

Michael Kors Fall 2011 (photo: Style.com)

Whatever is influencing the latest influx of bold, silver jewelry, let’s just be happy for it. Possibly it’s the power-house impact of the Michael Kors’ Fall 2011 runway collection (shown last spring). Maybe it’s the failed return of our favorite feminine superhero, Wonder Woman to TV that has given rise to dual arm cuffs on mere mortal women. Or maybe it’s that gold prices are at a mind-blowing, all-time high price per ounce. It probably doesn’t matter what brings these beautiful, silver, statement pieces our way — just stay tuned for gorgeous, bold, gleaming pieces that are going to be exquisite with what you’re wearing this fall.

My favorites are decidedly architectural in design and carry a certain amount of heft, which translates edginess, power and sensuality to the wearer. That sounds like a lot for jewelry to do, but wowza, check out these two beauties below. Now picture Emma Stone and Margherita Missoni in delicate, dangling jewelry…still good, but not-so-kick-ass.

Emma Stone (photo: Getty Images via MTV)

Margherita Missoni (Photo: Kevin Tachman via Vogue.com)

The Goods

There are piles and piles of bold jewelry out there, but these stand above the rest and come in all different price points. [click any picture for more info]


Evil lurks everywhere, right? It’s probably a good idea to be armed* and on some days, even double-cuffed. Could be useful.


*not literally…geez.


4 responses to “Piles of Bold

  1. I love statement jewellery, many people think it’s gauche or tacky but I think they can really really be glamorous and elegant at the same time.

  2. This jewelry makes women look powerful! Love it. Elaine

  3. I love the silver cuffs! Both edgy and classy xo

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