Starting the Spark

photo: Stockholm Streetstyle, Ella

In paying attention to Spring 2012 Fashion Week, I’ve been scanning collections and nodding my head approvingly of some and shaking it in confusion at others. Of course, I’m very interested in a designer’s collection as a whole, but I’m also very interested in the inspiration behind it. For instance, Michael Kors‘ collection was sparked by Africa, Erdem thought of Cecile, from Françoise Sagan’s melancholic novel Bonjour Tristesse, and Narciso Rodriguez‘s starting point was contemporary Korean artist, Kim Joon. The artistic beginnings for each of their collections, were the fully-realized artistic expressions of others (including Mother Nature). In other words, one completed form of beauty, can be the launch of another’s journey toward expressing themselves.

[Click on the designer’s name to see their runway show and influences in action.]

photo: Stockholm Streetstyle, Beata

Switching from the runway muses to the street, there are countless inspirations in streetstyle photos. It’s a way to people-watch virtually and catch a glimpse of a stranger dressed for the day. We don’t know who they are or where they are going, but just see that person in a fully-expressed form of self-beauty for that moment. Perhaps it spurs a thought for our own outfits, hairstyle or way to accessorize. Perhaps it’s a reminder that dressing can be an act of rebellion, fantasy, or showing off our other side for the day (we’ve all got that other side, be it ultra-feminine, sporty, glam, preppy, etc.) Whatever it is, it can be a jumping-off point for our own creative ideas.

These pictures were chosen, because they feel like they are coming from a place of true self-expression (and not styled for the red carpet or an editorial).

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle, Julia Sarr-Jamois

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle, Lina

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle, Emma

We are all creative beings. Some of the people who read this blog are writers, artists, entrepreneurs, DIY’ers, parents, bloggers, photographers, designers, philanthropists, gardeners, foodies, athletes, etc. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, but it does matter what you think is worthwhile:

What has inspired you in the last week, month or year? What juices you up? What is influencing you right now?

By sharing influences we can broaden our world and perhaps spark another. Here’s what I’m thinking about:

  • the documentary Forks over Knives (can stream it on Netflix). The information is so powerful, that it made my mouth…fall…right…open. Watch the trailer and you’ll get the gist.
  • an article on the artist/writer/heiress, Daphne Guinness, who’s eclectic style is legendary. Her quote that there’s an increasing “…blandness that’s spread across the world,” has really stuck with me. Read more at The Daily Beast.

These are the seeds that I’m noodling on. What are yours?


p.s. If there’s a topic you want to hear about, let me know, ‘cuz I care.

p.p.s. The music they played at Erdem was from the 2000 movie “In The Mood For Love”. It’s quite beautiful, haunting and lonely — take a moment to listen.

p.p.p.s Thanks Jeri, for nudging me! xx


5 responses to “Starting the Spark

  1. I’m happily back in the studio after a lot of summer traveling. My new printmaking project is combining monotypes and etchings with a touch of collage. Mostly inspired by the colors of the landscape, rural and urban, of Tuscany and the Cinque Terre, the five villages along the coast. Trying to get the “sense” of place through abstraction and keeping it simple, where less is more.

  2. Loved, loved the prints by Erdem! So beautiful. Thanks for the treat.

  3. I really like the new trend of mixing neon with neutrals, very cool and keeps it interesting

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