Abracadabra: Jen’s Boots

Jennifer Aniston, photo: outfitidentifier.com

Jen looks a little pissed-off in this photo. I mean honestly, who can blame her. She’s dating a magician (not really, but don’t you get a strong magician vibe from her boyfriend, Justin Theroux?) I just had no idea she was into that kind of thing, but if it makes Jen happy, who am I to meddle. Although she’s perturbed about the whole situation, check out her sweeeeeet Prada boots. This is where I begin to obsess a bit.


Nothing against Prada, but…

While these grey Prada beauties (above) are selling for $590, I knew there had to be more affordable options available. While Jen’s are lovely, we should all be able to fetch groceries in a tank, a pair of boyfriend jeans and killer, lace-up boots, without having to eat Ramen for a month.


Madewell Suede Sandstorm Boots, $188
Bettye Muller Owen boot, $295
Asos Arizona Suede lace-up boot, $96

Ah, the magic of the internet. Fantastic look-alike options to rival Jen’s. These boots are low enough for everyday walking, but definitely up the game of an outfit. Don’t be afraid to order from Asos either (the last boots pictured). While they’re a UK store, they ship for a mere $6.00. Crikey, that’s pretty magical too.


2 responses to “Abracadabra: Jen’s Boots

  1. Totally agree with you – those boots are damn sweet. Espesh when worn with socks. Just makes me feel cosy inside. Now to get myself closer to a fireplace haha.

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