Eyes Up Top

Anthropologie Quantum Printed Blouse, $88

The party is definitely “upstairs” when you wear one of this year’s essential pieces — the printed top. Kooky, spirited, romantic — there’s a print to please just about everyone. These graphic wonders wake-up a winter cardigan, can be worn loose over a slim-legged pant, and tucked into a skirt or wide-legged pant. I tried out the look last week, because you know, I take my research seriously! Check out my retro-inspired 70’s vibe in the post Mommy & Me.

Working Day-to-Night

I don’t know about you, but I can barely get my head around one part of the day, let alone day-to-night outfits. Now that I’ve road-tested these tops, I really like them for work-to-dinner. They’re graphic, easy-to-wear and can be dressed-up or down. Switch-up the day look by adding a long chain(s) or dramatic earrings and you’ll be ready for Act II.

1. Tucker Smocked Collar Blouse, $264
2. Juicy Couture, Juicy Bow Blouse, $158
3. Winter Kate, Moonbeam Blouse, $285
4.  The Addison Story, Painted Dot Blouse, $202
5.  Rebecca Taylor, Leopard Ruffle Blouse, $275
6. Of Two Minds, Tusa Print Blouse, $274

Love ’em, hate ’em or somewhere in the middle? Your feedback really makes this blog better, so fire away. Thanks!



6 responses to “Eyes Up Top

  1. Love them! Especially #4 & #6.

  2. Is the skirt from anthropologie too? It’s a gorgeous outfit. The rest are too retro for me. Didn’t like them much the first time around either. All the printy prints are too printy. :)

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