Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Where the mind goes, the body will follow. With snow flying to the tune of 10+ inches, I’ve got hot cocoa on the brain, which means my thoughts have turned rich hues of brown. Deep, dark brown might seem somber to some, but it’s so flattering and forgiving on the skin. Where black can drain color, brown brings out our natural rosiness.

Cold weather begs for touchable items, so my Polyvore set highlights this blanket sweater, sequined skirt and faux fur vest. Textured pieces like these really elevate a look. Jessica over at What I Wore inspired me with her casual glam sequins for day. She wears it with a chambray shirt, but I also like the idea of a chunky sweater, like I’ve shown above.

What’s your favorite color/neutral to pair with brown? Or maybe you hate brown and can only think of the UPS-guy…! Now, I really want to know.



6 responses to “Hot Chocolate

  1. I’m not a fan of snow but I like your clothing choices : )

  2. Toasty warm in the house, toasty colors on your blog. Nice. I like black with all shades of brown and gold jewelry.

    19 degrees forecasted for tonight! That happened fast, didn’t it. Elaine

  3. Love the brown ~ I’m a neutral kinda gal. I love to pair brown with pink, beige & black. Loving the cozy pieces in the pic for cool autumn/winter days. Thanks for the mention on your twitter. Also found +40 blogroll. So cool to have found so many awesome blogs.

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