Get a Whiff of This

New: YSL Parisienne a l'Extreme (notes of blackberry, rose, musk & patchouli)

Here’s something that doesn’t add up for me. There were over 230 fragrance launches in 2011, with 57 launches in March 2011 alone. For real?! That’s a lot of spritzing. I rarely hear people talk about wearing perfume any longer (or get a whiff of it either). Do I just live in a fragrance-free zone? Who’s buying all the perfume?

According to Cosmopolitan and CosmoTeen, who conducted a fragrance study in the U.S., they found out the following:

  • Girls start to use fragrance at age 10, with 12% starting below 10, including body spray
  • On average the respondents claimed to own 7 fragrances
  • 58% of respondents claimed to use fragrance on a daily basis
  • On average, women wear a favourite fragrance for three years

Really? I’ve had the same three bottles of perfume for the last five years. I guess I’m in a rut or something. I definitely do not spritz daily. Do you?

New: Immortal Twilight (citrus, chamomile, peony, freesia, amber, musk, patchouli). The way Bella smells.

So, who were to top selling celebrity fragrances last year*? Brittany? J. Lo? Nope! You’re not going to believe it:

  1. White Diamonds, Elizabeth $54 million (first released in 1991)
  2. Driven, Derek Jeter, $27 million
  3. Heat, Beyonce, $21 million
  4. Tie: Unforgivable by P. Diddy, NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, Fancy by Jessica Simpson and Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani – $18 million

*Forbes, April 2011

Questions, questions??

Are you buying perfume or living a fragrance-free existence?
Do you have a signature scent or change with your mood?
Do you buy perfume as gifts?

Just curious!


Here’s a List of New Fragrances and Perfumes of 2011 via Now Smell This


12 responses to “Get a Whiff of This

  1. Such a great topic!
    I can’t believe that only 58 per cent of women wore perfume daily. I remember having forgotten to spritz myself one day before work. I ran to the nearest chemist to undo the damage, lol. Call me pedantic, (you probably just have) but I don’t feel myself without having a fragrance on :)

    Also, I am not surprised that girls below 10 are keen on fragrance – think of the kids perfumes there are out there :)

    • Hi Edita,
      The percentage is much higher for Europeans to wear fragrance daily. It’s much more a part of their daily ritual, which I believe whole-heartedly.
      Thanks for chiming in!

  2. Age 10 & younger? Really?
    I don’t wear any…my hubby starts sneezing.:( I have about 5 different bottles given to me for gifts over the years that haven’t seen a daylight. Do perfumes go bad? My fav tho is chanel no. 5, it was my mom’s go to fragrance. It reminds me of her.

    • Chanel #5 is timeless — it could never go out of style. It’s wonderful that it reminds you of your mother. Isn’t it amazing that we can remember things by smell?
      My hubby has a sensitive nose too. Can’t take anything too strongly scented. We are in the same boat!

  3. Back in the olden days, especially in some countries, perfume was used to “cover up” for infrequent bathing. It’s hard to get away from scents today, everything from deodorant to bath wash to body creams, etc. Pity the people who are really allergic to such scents. I, too, have several perfume bottles whose contents I use every once in a while. Certainly, not regularly. The scents bother me more than they used to. I have noticed fewer women wearing perfume at events. Maybe the majority of buying is gift giving and then, it just sits and looks pretty (more dust catchers).

  4. My husband read a book about perfumes (? !) and proceeded over a three year period to buy me the classics. I have Joy, Mitsouko, Chanel#5, Shalimar, Samsara and a cheapy Dior that I bought. Can you believe him? I feel GUILTY if I don’t wear one of my beautiful perfumes. So now I have to forgive him for not liking Rachel Zoe. Elaine

    • Elaine,
      Your hubby sounds like a doll! What an attentive guy to read up on perfumes for you. I love that! Yes, he is forgiven for not liking RZ. Even she would approve of a guy who is so sweet on you (and if he wears a man-scarf like Rodger, so much the better).

  5. He always says about Rodger. “look at that goofball’s hairdo and scarf. How can you possibly take him seriously?”. Hahahaha. So I say again, I love RZ….go away.

  6. I like to spritz a little perfume when I go out. That very act makes me feel just a little more “put together”.

  7. I wear almost daily and it’s either Aromatics by Clinique or Omnia by Bvlgari. I seldomly spritz anything else.
    Most of the women I work with wear perfume.

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