Recipe: Game Day Chili

Here’s a chili recipe that you don’t have to slave over for hours. It’s quick enough to make during a week night and substantial enough to feed hungry Game Day appetites on the weekend. It has a hearty, rich flavor that can be kicked-up a notch or toned-down for kids. You could try using ground beef, bison, turkey, or soy-crumbles, whatever you like, and it’s all good (I’ve done them all). The picture above is with bison meat and it’s one of my favorites. We also like to serve it over rice (brown or white — it doesn’t matter). It’s a very forgiving chili recipe — you can hardly go wrong.

Click the link for the full recipe of Quick & Easy Chili.

Buckle Button Zip is Turning Two!

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

Thanks to everyone who’s been with me from the start and to all those who have joined in along the way. I love doing this blog and I love doing it with you guys. Thanks for all your kindness, feedback, fashion musings and friendship. I had no idea when I started Buckle Button Zip two years ago, how much it would mean to me. Want to see something funny?! Here are my first 3 posts:

  1. Playing Dress-Up
  2. Small Doses
  3. Going Higher

Ahh, just getting my feet wet back then.

Thanks for all your support. Let’s keep this style party going!



3 responses to “Recipe: Game Day Chili

  1. Congrats!! I never realized this community of bloggers was so awesome. The chili recipe sounds delish…will definitely try it.

  2. Congrats… I love chili recipe!

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