Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle, Madelene de la Motte

This look pretty much sums up how I’d like to go through life. Effortless. Chic. Bit of Pizzazz. Model-Tall. This neutral combo with a healthy punch of green is picture perfect in my book.

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Bag (Netaporter.com, $370)
  2. ASOS Leather Saddle Bag (Asos.com, $53)
  3. Anthropologie Bold Strokes Satchel (Anthropologie.com, $198)

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!



3 responses to “Effortless

  1. Oh yes!!! Elaine

  2. Hi Laura, Totally agree with you! Now…let’s see, I have a white shirt, a black skinny jeans, no green bag, yet, need a giant scarf, need to grow several inches, a face lift/surgery….yep, doable! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I agree! That is so unexpected but makes you look twice at the outfit. I am guilty of going a bit too matchy matchy sometimes. I’m determined to change my ways….

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