Drool-worthy Evening Shoes

Got someplace to go this month that calls for a high-drama shoe? I hope you do, because here are 13 gorgeous high (and low) heeled shoes that will keep your spirits bright.

  1. Jimmy Choo Lace Pumps, $626 (on sale)
  2. ZARA Glitter Sandal, $89
  3. DKNY Metallic Snake Pump, $195
  4. ZARA Deco Slingback, $129
  5. ZARA Peep-toe w/ Gilded Flower, $89

Can you tell that I’ve got a soft-spot for ZARA shoes this month? The glitter sandals, flower peep-toes and deco slingbacks are all right on the money. But hold on, there are 8 more dress-worthy and drool-worthy shoes to lust after. What’s your pleasure: vibrant blue, va-va-voom red, pretty glitter or ladylike lace?

Most of these evening stunners are under $200, except for a few (ahem, Jimmy Choo). And, if you’re a Valentino fan, check out the Dune lace pumps with bow. They’re similar to the Valentino Couture Lace Platform, but waaay more wallet-friendly. Also, I’m intrigued by Ivanka Trump’s shoe line (above, the blue and black platform and also the blue pump w/ bow). That gal can style a shoe! Click on any pair for more info.

What kind of shoes are you looking for this month? If you’ve already got them, tell me all about them (and your outfit too, of course).


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10 responses to “Drool-worthy Evening Shoes

  1. I’m thinking more like “Merrills” for holiday season in Patagonia. I might need something special for Tango lessons. No carry on this trip!

  2. Love love love!!! I have such weakness for shoes, especially pretty heels. I’m currently looking for a perfect black suede pumps that’s sexy enough for parties but would look just as cool with jeans.

  3. Ohh my goodness those Zara peeptoes with the flower? Need those in my life asap.

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  5. Those lace Choos are deeeeeeeeeeelish!

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