Paris Really Brings Out The Pretty

Natalia Alaverdian. Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Peony Lim. Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Stop me in my tracks, why don’t you?! These shots were taken recently during the Paris S/S 2012 shows by photographer Vanessa Jackman (her street style blog is sensational). The first look is so feminine, flirty and sweet on Natalia Alaverdian, stylist/editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia, that it’s captivating.

The second, on Peony Lim, blogger and stylist, exudes that cool-girl chic, with downtown edge. I’m crazy about the silver jeans on her with the crisp, white button-down. She somehow looks casual while wearing metallic pants. That’s a skill, y’all.

Which look do you gravitate toward? I’m split right down the middle, but if given the chance, I would step into that feathery dress in a heartbeat. My daughter votes for the silver jeans (the shiny gets high marks). What do you think?

Before It Gets Too Late

With all the hustle and bustle of holiday travel, shopping and merry-making taking us to and fro, now’s my chance…

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! I hope both your boisterous celebrations and quiet moments during the next few weeks bring a joyful and satisfying close to the year.

With love,



4 responses to “Paris Really Brings Out The Pretty

  1. Love love both of them. Happy holidays to you too. Elaine

  2. Hi Laura!
    Both photos are stunning! I really love the silver jeans tho….so simple but WOW!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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