Revelry, Respite and Resolve

With the last year firmly behind us, it feels great to begin the new year. Things were quiet on the blogging front during the last few weeks, but that’s only because life was busy with family, holidays, parties, cooking, etc. I’m sure it was the same for you! All in all I managed to sneak in:

  • a trip to the Nutcracker ballet (beautiful)
  • a Christmas Day cold (short-lived, thankfully)
  • lots of new recipes (will share soon)
  • a much-needed yoga class (namaste)
  • one quiet day (ahh, bliss)
  • some movies: Sherlock Holmes, MI: Ghost Protocol and Hugo (thumbs-up to all)


Hats off to all those darling personal style bloggers who manage to pose so well and look amazing in their outfits, day-in and day-out. I’m such a hack when it comes to posing for a blog post! Here’s the outfit for my hubby’s holiday party, complete with the  Zara Deco Slingback pumps (on sale now) that I wrote about recently in Drool-Worthy Evening Shoes. I’m almost as tall as the freakin’ Christmas Tree in those platforms. They were hot, y’all! So glad I got them.

Holiday Party: dress - Helmut Lang, shoes - Zara, bracelets - LOFT


Got a habit you’d like to kick? I sure do. I’ve got a bad habit of eating after 8pm at night. It’s always this combo of sweet/salty and I mindlessly eat while watching TV. Even though I’m not really that hungry, it’s just this automatic trigger. I’ve decided to switch it up by keeping my paws off food and sipping herbal tea instead — not exactly a fair trade, but it’s something. So far, so good, but wish me luck! I’ll need it.

Are you making new goals or habits this year?

A Style Resolution I Can Get Behind

Style Editor, Melanie Ward, tells Harper’s Bazaar magazine her style resolution for 2012. I really like her advice, so I wanted to share it:

“Develop your own fashion formula, know your proportions and be true to yourself. Make it more about clothes than fashion trends. Prints may be on the runways, but don’t wear something that overwhelms you. I personally prefer to notice the person before the dress. Keep prints simple and classic. Have fun with fashion and love yourself in 2012!”
Happy Beginnings!

11 responses to “Revelry, Respite and Resolve

  1. Welcome to the new year! The herbal tea after 8pm is a trick I’ve been using since I started doing the Retrofit thing a few months ago – it works great!

  2. Hi Laura! I think you look stunning! More fashion posts pleez!! My resolve for 2012…being more consistant in exercising. It’s been difficult lately….feeling the age. :(

    • Well, you look amazing to me, so you’re doing something right with your current exercise plan. If I can get my mojo working on outfit posts, maybe I’ll do some more — it took some courage to post this one!

  3. Lovely dress and I agree, great quote!

  4. I kept trying to enlarge the photo to get more details on the dress. As always, you look great. Glad you decided to post using yourself – keep them coming.

    • Thx Diane! Maybe next I’ll be brave enough to put up a bigger picture. The dress has this pretty cross-over neckline that you can’t see at all. Better pix next time, I promise.

  5. How cute are you!!

  6. I am just like you – I often very mindlessly eat after 8PM. My excuse is “i want something but i don’t know what” this is followed by munching away on all things sweet and salty! Good to know I am not alone in trying to kick that!

    PS. fab outfit, simply perfect! :)

  7. Happy New Year’s to you! I have the same habit- evening snack time. I quit for 3 weeks and lost some belly inches, but…so tempting. I too drink herbal tea but it ain’t as fun!

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